Connection Fee definition

Connection Fee means a fee charged by a local entity to pay for the costs of
Connection Fee means the fee payable as a contribution towards the cost of providing a supply. This may be subsidised to facilitate electrification of poor households.

Examples of Connection Fee in a sentence

  • Upon approval of the floor plans, plot plan, drainage plan (see Section 8 “Drainage Requirements”) specifications or other required documents, the owner or his representative will complete and submit the required water and wastewater request forms along with the required amount for the Tap Fees, Installation, service Deposit, Connection Fee, Inspection and Damage Deposit, as outlined in “A” hereto, made payable to the District.

  • In the event the Company finds that a Customer has an unauthorized sewer connection (meaning a connection made without the Company’s knowledge or permission and/or for which a connection fee has not been paid to the Company) the Customer will be required to pay the original Connection Fee and an additional FIFTY DOLLARS ($50.00) for the unauthorized connection.

  • A Service Connection Fee of EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS ($800.00) will be required of each single-family residence, apartment unit or commercial business establishment (single building).

More Definitions of Connection Fee

Connection Fee means the charge imposed by the District for the privilege of obtaining water service from the District by means of its water facilities.
Connection Fee means the fee payable as a contribution towards the cost of
Connection Fee means the fee payable towards the cost of providing supply.
Connection Fee means the fee to be paid by the Licensee for the right to use a single Interconnection Point.