TERMINATION OR SUSPENSION. 10.1. The CONTRACTOR shall be considered in material default of this Agreement and such default will be considered cause for the CITY to terminate this Agreement, in whole or in part, as further set forth in this section, for any of the following reasons: (a) failure to begin work under the Agreement within the times specified under the Notice(s) to Proceed, or (b) failure to properly and timely perform the services to be provided hereunder or as directed by the CITY, or (c) the bankruptcy or insolvency or a general assignment for the benefit of creditors by the CONTRACTOR or by any of the CONTRACTOR's principals, officers or directors, or (d) failure to obey laws, ordinances, regulations or other codes of conduct, or (e) failure to perform or abide by the terms or spirit of this Agreement, or (f) for any other just cause. The CITY may so terminate this Agreement, in whole or in part, by giving the CONTRACTOR at least 3 calendar dayswritten notice.
TERMINATION OR SUSPENSION. § 9.1 If the Owner fails to make payments to the Architect in accordance with this Agreement, such failure shall be considered substantial nonperformance and cause for termination or, at the Architect’s option, cause for suspension of performance of services under this Agreement. If the Architect elects to suspend services, the Architect shall give seven days’ written notice to the Owner before suspending services. In the event of a suspension of services, the Architect shall have no liability to the Owner for delay or damage caused the Owner because of such suspension of services. Before resuming services, the Owner shall pay the Architect all sums due prior to suspension and any expenses incurred in the interruption and resumption of the Architect’s services. The Architect’s fees for the remaining services and the time schedules shall be equitably adjusted.
TERMINATION OR SUSPENSION. 8.1 The Contract may be terminated by the Owner or the Contractor as provided in Article 14 of the General Conditions.
TERMINATION OR SUSPENSION. § 7.1 The Contract may be terminated by the Owner or the Contractor as provided in Article 14 of AIA Document A201–2007.
TERMINATION OR SUSPENSION. Section 15.1 All terminations or suspensions arising out of or under this Agreement shall be in accordance with the terms of the Standard Contract Provisions.
TERMINATION OR SUSPENSION. 15.1 Owner's Right to Terminate Prior to Execution of GMP Amendment. Prior to execution by both parties of the GMP Amendment, the Owner may terminate the Contract at any time without cause. Upon such termination, the amount to be paid to the CM/GC shall not exceed the Preconstruction Fee payable to the date of termination, together with amounts payable for Early Work if an Early Work Amendment has been executed. If Owner terminates for convenience during the Preconstruction Phase, Owner shall be entitled to copies of, and shall have the right to use, all work product of CM/GC and its Subcontractors performed to the date of termination, and CM/GC shall deliver copies of the same to Owner on request.