Wholesale Rate Sample Clauses

Wholesale Rate. The Wholesale Rate shall include Common To All Costs, as set forth in Exhibit D, based on the cost of service model, which includes all Master Metered Contracting Jurisdictions’ proportionate and/or allocated share of costs related to working capital, replacement, capital and debt service and debt service reserves, without limitation, as may be required under the terms of any bond or debt indenture for Common to All Toledo Water System Debt. (A baseline example of the methodology for calculating the cost of service for rates is included as Exhibit E, with specific costs and allocation numbers subject to change in accord with actual costs.) The Wholesale Water Rate shall not include (i) costs solely attributable to operating, maintaining, repairing and replacing those distribution components of the Toledo Water System that are not Common To All Components of the Toledo Water System, (ii) costs of capital improvements to those distribution components of the Toledo Water System that are not Common To All Components of the Toledo Water System or debt service on debt incurred for improvements to those components, or (iii) costs of retail-related items such as meter reading, customer service and billing. The Wholesale Rate shall be less than the First Block Retail Rate, inclusive of the Fixed Cost Rate.
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Wholesale Rate. Tigard agrees to pay JWC for 2015 Peak Season water at the rate of $1.59 per hundred cubic feet (ccf), measured at the Beaverton/Tigard intertie meter, payable according to Section 8 below. The rate includes $0.29 per ccf Beaverton wheeling charge.
Wholesale Rate. Each month the District shall determine the amount of Treated Water and Raw Water delivered through the System to each Municipal Customer for the preceding one-month period and shall send a statement to each Municipal Customer for the Wholesale Rate due to the District with respect to such deliveries. Payment shall be due from each Municipal Customer within 30 days after the date of the statement.
Wholesale Rate. ONWASA and the City agree that all water provided through this wholesale agreement shall be provided at a wholesale water rate as established by the ONWASA Board of Directors or the Jacksonville City Council as applicable with said rates based upon an independent rate study, paid for by the provider of the wholesale water, with said rate being specifically limited to those direct costs incurred by ONWASA or the City as applicable for the treatment and delivery of the wholesale water to the bulk meter serving the requesting party. Neither the ONWASA wholesale rate nor the City wholesale rate shall include any cost associated with the normal delivery of water to retail customers.
Wholesale Rate. In return for all water provided by the City to the District, and customers within the District, the District shall pay City the wholesale water rate for water, which shall be equal to the rates, service charges, and fees formally adopted by City Council resolution and then in effect for “Outside” customers based on the type of water service being provided (residential, commercial, irrigation, fire, etc.).
Wholesale Rate. Xxxxxxxx County Water District: Old Rate New Rate $1.65 per l ,000 gallons $2.25 per 1,000 gallons DATE OF JSSIJE DA'J'E EJiJiECTIVJi ..._ ............ Jn[y Month I Xxxx I Year PUBLIC SERVICE COIViMISSION OF KENTTUACRKIFYF BRANCH ISSUED I3Y �. a� ERFFEECTICV!' EIVED TITLE__ _ (Signature of Officer)-- -·· --·-·······

Related to Wholesale Rate

  • E-RATE Authorized users who receive E-rate funding are encouraged to review Universal Service Fund rules and regulations to verify the applicability of this Contract to the E-rate program. NEW YORK STATE RIGHTS OGS Reserved Rights New York State reserves the right to:

  • Base Rate The greater of (a) the variable annual rate of interest announced from time to time by Agent at Agent's Head Office as its "prime rate" or (b) one-half of one percent (0.5%) above the Federal Funds Effective Rate (rounded upwards, if necessary, to the next one-eighth of one percent). The Base Rate is a reference rate and does not necessarily represent the lowest or best rate being charged to any customer. Any change in the rate of interest payable hereunder resulting from a change in the Base Rate shall become effective as of the opening of business on the day on which such change in the Base Rate becomes effective, without notice or demand of any kind.

  • Mileage Rate The mileage rate for authorized travel – based on State of Florida rates on the Effective Date of this Agreement – is $0.445 per mile.

  • BASE PAY RATE The employee's basic hourly rate exclusive of overtime premium, shift premium, stability or any other special allowances.

  • Wage Rate The hourly rates for full-time junior and adult apprentices as set out in this agreement shall apply to school based apprentices except that the school based apprentice for pay purposes will be paid a further 25% of hours to the actual hours worked for off the job training.

  • Mileage Rates The mileage rate shall be the maximum allowed by the Internal Revenue Service. If the IRS rate should change during the term of the contract, the contract rate shall change also on the date specified by the IRS.

  • Daily Rate One, divided by the number of days in the teacher’s annual base contract, times his/her base salary.

  • Y-Rate The Board of Supervisors may adopt a Y-rate to apply to: (1) an employee who would suffer an actual decrease in salary as a result of action taken by the County, without fault or inability on the part of the employee, or (2) an employee who is changing from one (1) class series to another, as a normal consequent of career development through the County's upward mobility program, and the salary of the class the employee enters in the new class series is less than the salary the employee was receiving in the former class. A Y-rate means a salary rate, for an individual employee, which is greater than the established range for the class.

  • Base Rates Attached to and made a part of this Agreement is Appendix A which sets forth the straight-time hourly rates for all employees covered by this Agreement.

  • Facility Fee The Company shall pay to the Administrative Agent for the account of each Lender in accordance with its Applicable Percentage, a facility fee, in Dollars, equal to the Applicable Rate for facility fees times the actual daily amount of the Aggregate Commitments (or, if the Aggregate Commitments have terminated, on the Outstanding Amount of all Committed Loans, Swing Line Loans and L/C Obligations), regardless of usage, subject to adjustment as provided in Section 2.18. The facility fee shall accrue at all times during the Availability Period (and thereafter so long as any Committed Loans, Swing Line Loans or L/C Obligations remain outstanding), including at any time during which one or more of the conditions in Article IV are not met, and shall be due and payable quarterly in arrears on the last Business Day of each March, June, September and December, commencing with the first such date to occur after the Closing Date, and on the last day of the Availability Period (and, if applicable, thereafter on demand). The facility fee shall be calculated quarterly in arrears, and if there is any change in the Applicable Rate for facility fees during any quarter, the actual daily amount shall be computed and multiplied by the Applicable Rate for facility fees separately for each period during such quarter that such Applicable Rate for facility fees was in effect.

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