Use of Tobacco Products Sample Clauses

Use of Tobacco Products. Employees are prohibited from smoking any tobacco products while on-duty. Employees who use smokeless tobacco products shall be allowed to do so, so long as the use does not interfere with daily operations or response. Smokeless tobacco use is a privilege and shall be limited to the fire station and non-public areas. No tobacco products shall be used within apparatus or while on calls. Individuals using smokeless tobacco products will be responsible for maintaining inconspicuous use.
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Use of Tobacco Products. While on District property, academic employees shall comply with applicable state law regarding the use of tobacco products. The District shall notify employees of applicable state laws regarding the use of tobacco products and provide appropriate receptacles for disposal of cigar and cigarette butts in outdoor smoking areas.
Use of Tobacco Products. Smoking of any kind or any other consumption of tobacco products is strictly prohibited.
Use of Tobacco Products. FIRST OFFENSE during the high school career: Week 1: No team contact of any kind and a referral to the school Drug and Alcohol Counselor for tobacco education. Week 2: Practice but no games. Week 3: Return to full participation if tobacco education referral is complete. SECOND OFFENSE during the high school career: Exclusion from the team for the next 28 calendar days to be carried over to the athletes next sports season. THIRD OFFENSE during the high school career: Exclusion from the team for the next 90 calendar days to be carried over to the athletes next sports season.
Use of Tobacco Products. Employees are not permitted to smoke nor use tobacco products on school property.
Use of Tobacco Products. The use of tobacco products is prohibited in all City buildings, vehicles, and equipment. Please see your Department staff person for the location of the designated area for tobacco use.
Use of Tobacco Products. User agrees to abide by RSCC regulation #GA-21-01, - Smoking or use of other tobacco products is prohibited inside all College owned or controlled facilities. Smoking is only permitted in designated outdoor areas.
Use of Tobacco Products. A. In order to safeguard the health and safety of all employees in the Lake County School District, the Board and the Union agree that the use of all tobacco products shall be prohibited in all School Board facilities, on all School Board property and in all School Board vehicles.
Use of Tobacco Products. A. All employees are encouraged not to use tobacco products during working hours; however, employees who smoke must do so in designated smoking areas only. Weather permitting, employees are allowed to also smoke outside the building in the rear of the School or Board facility only. Employees may only smoke on designated breaks or lunch during the workday.
Use of Tobacco Products. Employees shall not smoke or use any tobacco products at any time while on, or off, duty. Violation of this Article may subject the employee to disciplinary action up to and including termination.