Upstream Sample Clauses

Upstream. Untagged frames are delivered as single tagged frames at the E-NNI (S-tag only). • Tagged frames are delivered as double tagged frames at the E-NNI. CE- VLAN and PCP values are preserved in the E-NNI C-tag.
Upstream. Nicor Gas shall commit to working with other utilities in the State to deliver a pilot upstream incentive offering for commercial kitchen rebates for eligible business customers (possibly funded through Research & Development (“R&D”) funds), with a focus on taking advantage of statewide distributor networks and the associated efficiencies, with a goal of implementing the program beginning in 2019.
Upstream. Data rates shall range from 16 to 640 kbps (e.g., 256 kbps) and optionally to 768 kbps.
Upstream. Nicor Gas shall ensure that the EEP 3.0 removes residential and commercial upstream water heater offerings, and expands the upstream commercial cooking offering to achieve participation consistent with a 20% market share in the turnover market for key measures defined as 1,000 measures/year. Budgets and savings targets for these upstream offerings shall be reassessed after PY7 and revised as appropriate.
Upstream and cross-stream undertakings granted at non-arm’s length terms are also treated as dividend distributions for tax purposes. Therefore, there is a risk that the Company may become subject to Swiss withholding tax of up to 53.8% on (i) the amount of a guarantee or similar fee customarily paid to an independent guarantor under similar circumstances, (ii) the amounts paid under the upstream and cross-stream undertakings (if any), and (iii) if at the time of the grant of the upstream and cross-stream undertakings it was foreseeable that the affiliate for whose obligations the upstream and cross-stream undertakings have been granted might become insolvent, the entire amount of the upstream and cross-stream undertakings. Further, for income tax purposes, (i) the amount of an adequate guarantee or similar fee may be subject to a profit tax adjustment at the level of the Company, (ii) payments under the upstream and cross-stream undertakings may not be admissible as deductible business expenses, and (iii) any provisions made in respect of the upstream and cross-stream undertakings may be disregarded.
Upstream. (i) Untagged frames are delivered as single tagged frames at the E- NNI (S-tag only).
Upstream. Except as otherwise provided for in this Section 2(b), either Enron CanadaENA Upstream or Customer may pursue whatever other business opportunities it may wish to pursue with whomever it may wish to pursue them and at whatever time it may choose, including providing services similar to or competitive with the Services to other parties, and neither party owes the other a duty to offer any business opportunity to the other party and will be free to compete in the businesses covered by this Agreement. Without limiting the foregoing, Enron CanadaENA Upstream may engage in wholesale marketing activities or may provide services similar to, or competitive with, the Services relating to wholesale marketing activities. From time to time Customer and ENA Upstream may agree that certain of the services hereunder would best be provided by a third party service provider. In such event, Customer shall contract directly with such third party service provider and ENA Upstream shall have no liability to Customer arising out of Customer's contractual relationship with any third party service provider.
Upstream buffered in the ONT and forwarded to the Access Node using XGS-PON DBA, which provides similar behaviour to a shaper. At the Access Node the High Traffic class is policed and strictly prioritised across the Chorus network.
Upstream. See discussion of upstream commercial kitchen measures in Stipulation Section III.B.2 above.
Upstream. The flow of Producer Gas running generally from the end-user toward the in-ground xxxxx/RNG source.