Individual Agreement Sample Clauses

Individual Agreement. This Agreement is an agreement solely between and among the parties hereto. It is intended to constitute a nonqualified unfunded arrangement for the benefit of a key management employee and will be construed and interpreted in a manner consistent with such intention.
Individual Agreement. This Agreement constitutes an agreement solely between the Corporation, the Bank and Executive named herein. This Agreement is intended to constitute a non-qualified arrangement for the benefit of the Executive and shall be construed and interpreted in a manner consistent with such intention.
Individual Agreement. 20.01 No employee covered by this Agreement will enter into any individual contract or agreement with the Employer concerning wages or working conditions that will in any way conflict with the terms of this Agreement.
Individual Agreement. The employer and an individual salaried employee may reach an agreement that the rules on compensation according to the above shall not apply, and that the salaried employee instead shall receive reasonable compensation in another manner. Such an agreement shall be in writing. The terms shall apply until further notice and may be revised at the time of the following salary review. A party wishing to terminate the condition, shall notify the other party no later than two months in advance.
Individual Agreement. The undersigned Employee hereby agrees to waive his/her seniority for purposes of the impending institution of a layoff under the Master Agreement. (School District) This waiver is given, however, without prejudice to the assertion of seniority for all other purposes contained in the Master Agreement, including recall rights and other contractual privileges or benefits conferred under the agreement. This waiver pertains solely to the order in which said Employee might be laid off during the period of this Master Agreement. Signature Signature (Union Representative) (Employee) Signature (School District) Date APPENDIX B
Individual Agreement. 4 1.42 Initial Payment..........................................................................................4 1.43