Basic Salary definition

Basic Salary shall have the meaning assigned to it in Section 5 of this Agreement.
Basic Salary means salary as per relevant schedule or Collective Agreement, exclusive of overtime and is prorated for half-time employees.
Basic Salary has the meaning attributed to such term in section 5.1;

Examples of Basic Salary in a sentence

  • All Senior and Civic Salaries are paid inclusive of Basic Salary.

  • No more than one Basic Salary is payable to a Member of the Authority.

  • In accordance with the Regulations, the rate of the Basic Salary shall be reviewed annually as determined by the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales.

  • A Basic Salary shall be paid to each elected Member of the Authority.

  • Salary for the above purposes would constitute Basic Salary and 50% FBP only.

More Definitions of Basic Salary

Basic Salary means the annual notch that an official is employed on divided by 12. It excludes additional remuneration from overtime or other allowances;
Basic Salary for plan 2 members, means salaries or wages earned by a member during a payroll period for personal services, including overtime payments, and shall include wages and salaries deferred under provisions established pursuant to sections 403(b), 414(h), and 457 of the United States Internal Revenue Code, but shall exclude lump sum payments for deferred annual sick leave, unused accumulated vacation, unused accumulated annual leave, or any form of severance pay. In any year in which a member serves in the legislature the member shall have the option of having such member's basic salary be the greater of:
Basic Salary is the salary calculated after verifying training and experience according to the salary schedule in Appendix "C".
Basic Salary means the salary, as specified in Clause 6.1.1 or, as appropriate, the reviewed annual salary from time to time;
Basic Salary means the salary fixed by law or administrative action before deductions and exclusive of ad- ditional compensation of any kind. It includes the salary fixed by sections 401, 402, 403, and 406 of the Act and sal- ary incident to assignment under sec- tion 503 of the Act. Basic salary ex- cludes premium pay for overtime, § 19.2night, Sunday and holiday work, allow- ances, post and special differentials, and charge´ pay.
Basic Salary means the basic monthly salary, including
Basic Salary means the salary, as specified in Clause 6.1(a) or, as appropriate, the reviewed annual salary from time to time;