Town Sample Clauses

Town. The words “Town” or “the Town” shall mean the Town of Chapel Hill in the Counties of Orange and Durham and the State of North Carolina and its successors in interest.
Town. The words "the Town" or "this Town" shall mean the Town of Chapel Hill in the Counties of Orange and Durham and the State of North Carolina.
Town. The Town is a home-rule municipal corporation located in Johnstown, Colorado.
Town. The Town Manager shall be the representative of the TOWN authorized to enter into this Agreement. The Town Engineer is hereby designated the PROJECT MANAGER for the TOWN and said PROJECT MANAGER shall supervise all aspects of the progress and completion of the Services described herein.
Town. Town is a municipal corporation located in Mead, Colorado.
Town. During the term of this Agreement, Town and Operator shall meet as needed to discuss Project activities and Town Road construction and maintenance schedules. Town agrees to keep those Town Roads specified in Exhibit B open to Project traffic during Town Road construction and maintenance activities, except that Town may temporarily close any of the Town Roads specified in Exhibit B for replacement of a culvert, structure or due to an emergency. Town will provide a temporary alternate haul route when reasonably practicable. Maintenance required on temporary haul route will be reimbursed from the Maintenance Account described in Section 2.E.. Annual temporary seasonal weight limitations shall apply to all haul routes in Exhibit B and to any alternate routes approved by Town. Town agrees to exclusively use any payments received from Operator as part of 2.E. of this Agreement on Town Roads used as haul routes by the Operator.
Town. The Town of Concord, Massachusetts.
Town. The Town of Tillsonburg, as set out in the Official Plan, is obligated to maintain, develop and create a strong, healthy and vibrant Downtown Core consistent with the Corporate strategic plan and best-practices as demonstrated by similar towns & cities in Canada.
Town. The Town of Wellfleet, Massachusetts.
Town. The [Name of Municipality] organized and existing under the laws of the State of Maine and all territory within its existing and future territorial corporate limits.