Fire authority definition

Fire authority means the department, agency, or public entity with responsibility
Fire authority means any permanent or volunteer fire brigade under the Metropolitan Fire Brigades Act 1958 or any permanent or volunteer brigade under the Country Fire Authority Act 1958;

Examples of Fire authority in a sentence

  • As a result of retaining 99% of the business rates in 2018/19 (1% goes to Devon and Somerset Fire authority) the Council will pay a tariff of £11.9m.

More Definitions of Fire authority

Fire authority means the Chief Officer and Chief Executive of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority.
Fire authority means the relevant Local Authority exercising its Fire Authority functions;
Fire authority means the state fire marshal or the state fire marshal's authorized agent.
Fire authority means a fire authority for the purposes of the Fire Services Acts 1947 to 1959 or a joint committee constituted by virtue of section 36(4)(b) of the Fire Services Act 1947(19);
Fire authority means Fire Rescue Victoria, the Country Fire Authority, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade and any other body which has the power to impose fire safety requirements in respect to caravan parks in Victoria.
Fire authority means the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service or the South Australian Country Fire Service;