County Sample Clauses

County. The term COUNTY refers to the Board of County Commissioners of Lee County, a charter County and political subdivision of the State of Florida, and any official or employee duly authorized to act on the COUNTY'S behalf relative to this Agreement.
County. The County shall be represented in such bargaining or negotiations by such representatives as the County Executive shall designate.
County. Escambia County is a body corporate and politic and a political subdivision of the State of Florida.
County. County shall defend, indemnify and hold Lessor harmless from County’s share of any and all claims, costs and liability for any damage, injury or death of or to any person or the property of any person, including attorneys’ fees, caused by the willful misconduct or the negligent acts, errors, or omissions of County, its officers, agents or employees in using the Premises pursuant to this lease, or the County’s performance under this lease, except to the extent caused or contributed to by (i) the structural, mechanical, or other failure of buildings owned or maintained by Lessor, and/or (ii) the negligent acts, errors, or omissions of Lessor, its officers, agents, or employees.
County i. County’s failure to pay Rent within ten business days after receipt of a written notice of failure (a “Notice”) from Lessor to County; provided, however, that County will have additional time if its failure to pay Rent is due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including, without limitation, failure of the County’s Board of Supervisors to adopt a budget. In no event may such additional time exceed seventy-five days from receipt of a Notice.
County. Upon the occurrence of a default by Lessor, County may (i) terminate this lease by giving written notice to Lessor and quit the Premises without further cost or obligation to County or (ii) proceed to repair or correct the failure and, at County’s option, either deduct the cost thereof from Rent due to Lessor, or invoice Lessor for the cost of repair, which invoice Lessor shall pay promptly upon receipt.
County. COUNTY’s Authorized Representative is Xxxxx Xxxxx or successor. Phone and email: 000- 000-0000, If COUNTY’s Authorized Representative changes at any time during this CONTRACT, COUNTY must immediately notify STATE.
County. The County of Mendocino, any of its organizational units or boards and commissions, as administratively determined by the County; may include appointing authority, Board of Supervisors, Chief Executive Officer or a supervisor.