Municipal Corporation Sample Clauses

Municipal Corporation. Each Participant hereby represents and warrants to the other Participants that it is a Municipal Corporation or other eligible entity.
Municipal Corporation a. The Lessee will get the plans of the Proposed building Prepared by his architect for being submitted to the Municipal Corporation. The Building shall consist of a ground and upper floors and the total built up area will not exceed the F.S.I. available. The construction cost of the said building will not be less than Rs
Municipal Corporation. Provided that the Vendor shall be entitled to reasonable extension time for delivery of possession of the Apartment on the aforesaid ate, if the completion of the said building is delayed on account of non- availability of steel, cement, other building material, water or electric supply or on account of war, civil commotion or act of God or any notice, order, rule, notification of the Government, Municipal Corporation and/or other public or competent authority or on account of non-issue of building completion or occupation certificate - water or electricity connection or on account of any order of any Court affecting the construction work of the building. he Vendor will deliver the possession of the apartment to the Purchaser only if the Purchaser has paid all the amounts payable by him under this Agreement to the Vendor and if he has duly observed and performed all obligations and stipulations contained in this Agreement and on his part to be observed and performed.
Municipal Corporation. The purchaser shall take possession of the apartment within one week of ) a receipt of the notice of the Vendor to the Purchaser that the said apartment is ready for use and occupation and that the completion certificate and occupation certificate has been obtained from the
Municipal Corporation local or any other authority, upon the said dwelling house or any part thereof; To repair and keep the interior of the dwelling house, fixture, fittings, sanitary and water apparatuses therein in tenantable condition throughout the term; To keep the furniture clean and in good repair order and preservation and to make good the damages thereto; To allow the landlord and his agents at all reasonable times to enter upon and examine the condition of the dwelling house and the furniture; If the landlord finds that any repair is necessary to the dwelling house and/or furniture, he shall serve upon the tenant a notice in writing to carry out the repairs in the dwelling house or furniture and the tenant shall carry out the repairs within one month after the service of such a notice; To insure the dwelling house and furniture against loss or damage by fire with an insurance company approved in writing by lessor for an amount which shall not be less than Rs................... unless otherwise agreed to in writing between the parties; Not to underlet, assign or part with the possession of the dwelling house and furniture or any part thereof; To use the dwelling house for the purpose of private residence only; To replace all broken fittings, fixtures, sanitary and water apparatuses by equally good or better substitutes; To keep and maintain the premises clean, tidy, healthy, wind and watertight in all seasons; To permit the Landlord during the one month immediately preceding the determination of the term to affix a notice for re-letting the same and to permit during the said one month the dwelling house and the furniture to be viewed at any reasonable times by any prospective tenants; On the expiration or earlier determination of the lease to deliver peaceful and vacant possession of the dwelling house and furniture in its entirety together with all improvements, if any done thereto without any claim for compensation on that account.
Municipal Corporation. Purchaser is a validly formed municipal corporation in good standing organized and existing under the laws of the State of Florida and has all requisite power and authority to purchase the Land and to enter into and perform its obligations hereunder.
Municipal Corporation. (8) The Purchasers shall pay Rs. ................ to the Vendors on the execution of these presents.
Municipal Corporation local or any other authority, upon the said dwelling house or any part thereof;