Timely Filing Sample Clauses

Timely Filing. Claims for services provided after the effective date of this agreement, not submitted to VA within 12 months of the date of service, shall not be reimbursed by VA.
Timely Filing. All grievances and appeals of decisions must be filed and receipted within the prescribed time periods herein or the grievance shall be without standing and shall be dismissed from further consideration. Except for the specific reference tocalendar days” in section 16.2.1, all references to days shall be Business Office working days.
Timely Filing. Sandhills Center is strictly enforcing the timely filing of claims as posted on our website: On our website, click on the “For Providers” tab, and then click on the “Timely Filing Guidelines” in the body of the web page. xxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx/for-providers/ Timely filing means that a submitted claim is complete and has been reviewed for medical necessity and approved for payment on or before the initial claims timely filing deadline. The Provider underdstands and agrees that reimbursement rates are established by Sandhills Center and the Provider agrees to accept payment from Sandhills Center as payment in full. In the event an overpayment has been made to the Provider, Sandhills Center will provide an invoice to the Provider including the Enrollee’s name and date(s) of service in question and the amount of overpayment. The Provider shall have thirty (30) days from the date of such notification to either appeal the determination or to remit the invoiced amount.
Timely Filing. Timely file with the SEC all reports and other documents required to be filed by the Company under the Securities Act, the Exchange Act, and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder; and
Timely Filing. The Company has timely made all filings required to be made under the Exchange Act.
Timely Filing. Provider shall submit original claim forms for Provider Services rendered to Members as soon as possible, but in no event no later than three hundred and sixty-five (365) days after the date of service. Provider may submit corrections to those diagnosis and procedure codes listed on an original claim form and/or on any subsequent resubmissions at any time after denial or payment by Blue Shield and/or, as applicable, Health Plan so long as any such corrections are submitted prior to three hundred sixty five (365) days after the date of service, at which point a claim shall be considered final as to Provider. Blue Shield and/or as applicable Health Plan will deny any original claim forms and/or any subsequent resubmissions not submitted within the applicable original claim or correction submission time limits, and Provider shall be prohibited from collecting fees and/or charges for such denied services from the Member.
Timely Filing. In order to enable the Purchasers to sell the Shares under Rule 144 to the Securities Act, the Company shall use its commercially reasonable efforts during the Effectiveness Period to comply with the requirements of Rule 144, including without limitation, use its commercially reasonable efforts to comply with the requirements of Rule 144(c)(1) with respect to public information about the Company. During the Effectiveness Period, the Company covenants to timely file all reports required to be filed by the Company under the Exchange Act even if the Company is not then subject to the reporting requirements of the Exchange Act.
Timely Filing. To file the final Prospectus with the Commission within the time periods specified by Rule 424(b) and Rule 430A under the Securities Act, to file any free writing prospectus to the extent required by Rule 433(d) under the Securities Act, and to furnish copies of the Prospectus and each such free writing prospectus (to the extent not previously delivered) to the Underwriters in New York City prior to 10:00 a.m. New York City time on the business day next succeeding the date of this Agreement, or as soon as practicable thereafter, in such quantities as you may reasonably request.
Timely Filing. Claims for Direct Care Services provided after the effective date of this Agreement, not submitted to AVAHS within 150 days from the date of service, shall not be reimbursed by AVAHS, provided that AVAHS may waive this time limit for good cause.