Tie Breaker Sample Clauses

Tie Breaker. 42 Night Differentials ................................................... 11 Cable Splicing Technicians ................................. 11
Tie Breaker. The parties agree to utilize the following procedure if two or more members of the bargaining unit hold the same position within the same department and have the identical seniority dates:
Tie Breaker. 20.2.1 In any case of a tie in employee seniority, the employees' social security numbers shall be used to break the tie(s). The following procedure shall be utilized: List the employees' social security numbers; Reverse the last four numerals of each; Add the two middle numerals of the employees' social security numbers (between the hyphens); Place the sum at the end of the four numerals listed above. The individual with the lowest total is designated as having the higher seniority. Example: 512-61-7184 555-58-2941 4817 1492 6 + 1 = 7 5 + 8 = 13 (use only last numeral) 48177 14923 Lower Seniority Higher Seniority
Tie Breaker. In case of a tie, seniority shall be determined by the last four digits of the teacher’s social security number. The higher number shall have more seniority. If an employee has no social security number, then the last four digits of the employee’s identification number will be used.
Tie Breaker. In the event a reduction in number of teachers creates a situation requiring that a choice be made among teachers who have equal seniority, the selection of the teacher(s) for purposes of reduction shall be based on criteria that give preference to the teacher(s) in the order that follows:
Tie Breaker. When two employees have the same seniority, the employee with the greater number of hours worked during the preceding thirteen (13) full pay periods will be deemed to be more senior.
Tie Breaker. In the event more than one employee has the same as (1) and (2) above, a final selection will be determined by using the tie breaker steps below: