The Escrow Sample Clauses

The Escrow. 3.1 The Respondent shall be required, in accordance with the CRTSA, to deposit an amount equal to the Security Amount as escrow amount to the account number [●] of the Escrow Agent with [●] (bank clearing Nr. [●], SWIFT code: [●]) (the “Escrow Account”) in accordance with GC 16.2(v) of the CRTSA, i.e., within 10 (ten) calendar days after the appointment of the arbitrators becoming effective pursuant to Art. 5.1 of the Swiss Rules.
The Escrow. As a condition to the Merger Filing, Parent shall deliver certificates evidencing the Escrow Shares to the Escrow Agent, to be held by the Escrow Agent in an escrow account (the "Escrow") in accordance with the provisions of the Escrow Agreement. Within five business days after termination of the Escrow in accordance with the Escrow Agreement, the Escrow Agent shall deliver the Escrow Shares remaining in the Escrow, after all deductions have been made therefrom pursuant to Section 10.1, (I) to each Effective Time Stockholder who surrendered a Stock Certificate and received the Per Share Stock with respect to the shares evidenced by such Stock Certificate, an amount equal to (a) the Per Share Additional Stock, multiplied by (b) the number of shares of Company Common Stock evidenced by such Stock Certificate; and (II) the balance to Parent. Thereafter the Escrow Agent shall not be liable to any Persons claiming any amount of such Escrow Shares; and any subsequent distribution of the balance of such Escrow Shares shall be effected directly with Parent.
The Escrow. The Escrow shall be established on the following terms and conditions:
The Escrow. In accordance with the terms of the Merger Agreement, TAS has deposited with the Escrow Agent the Deposit Amount, consisting of funds contributed to its capital by LJH and Owl Creek. The Deposit Amount, plus all interest thereon, shall be held and disposed of in accordance with the terms of this Agreement (the “Escrow”).
The Escrow. Agent acknowledges receipt of and agrees to accept the Deposit and establish and maintain a separate account for each GAP Purchaser's cash portion of the Purchasers' Deposit as provided herein (the "ESCROW ACCOUNT").
The Escrow. The Escrow Deposit and all earnings from the investment thereof (collectively, the "Escrow Funds") shall be held by the Escrow Agent in escrow number 95424480, which is a separate escrow which shall be maintained pursuant to the terms of this Escrow Agreement (the "Escrow"). The Escrow Funds shall be distributed by Escrow Agent in accordance with the terms and subject to the conditions of this Escrow Agreement and, until distributed, the Escrow Funds shall be invested in the manner hereinafter set forth in Section 4 hereof. Neither the Escrow nor the Escrow Funds therein shall be subject to lien, attachment, charge or encumbrance by any creditor of any party hereto and shall be used solely for the purposes set forth in this Escrow Agreement. 2 4.
The Escrow. At Closing, the Escrow Shares shall be deposited with the Escrow Agent pursuant to Section 4.1.4 and shall be held by the Escrow Agent and released from escrow pursuant to this Section 4.2. Ownership rights in the Escrow Shares shall be fully vested in the manner and to the extent provided in Section 4.2.1, 4.2.2 and 4.2.3.
The Escrow. The Buyer Stock held in the Escrow shall be valued for all purposes under this Agreement at $27.6625 per share, which is their Fair Market Price at Closing (as defined in the Merger Agreement). The shares of Buyer Stock held in the Escrow shall initially be registered in the name of the Escrow Agent, as attorneys for the benefit