Class size definition

Class size means the number of pupils assigned to a regu- lar classroom teacher on the 3rd Friday of September.
Class size means the maximum number of students who can receive instruction together in a special class or resource room program and the number of teachers and supplementary school personnel assigned to the class.
Class size means an instructional grouping of students where, on average, the ratio of students to teacher is the number specified.

Examples of Class size in a sentence

  • Preschool The following guidelines shall be used to determine class size and overload for preschool: A Class size of nine (9) students with IEPs per session, with a maximum of nine (9) non-identified students (ECEAP, Title one, tuition-paying, etc.) per session.

  • Class size limits will be increased in certain cases, maintaining compliance with accreditors and health/safety concerns where applicable.

  • Class size shall be determined based upon the most current available information regarding class sizes within the school corporation.

  • Class size maximums may be changed by the principal at any time.2. Immunizations required by Oregon law must be presented before acceptance to school.3. A birth certificate for all new students will be presented prior to acceptance; Catholic students need to present a baptismal certificate as well.

  • Infant and Toddler Program Class size guideline of an annual average of fifteen (15) identified students.

More Definitions of Class size

Class size is a number agreed upon by the District and the Association. See Article VIII – Class Size.
Class size means the number of students actually attending and, during the initial meeting of the class only, any other student who has requested in writing that he or she begin attendance at the second meeting of the class if the faculty employee believes that the request is justified. “Minimum class size” means the smallest number of students actually attending that shall, under provisions of Sections 9.1 and 9.3, allow a class to continue for the length of the term. “Maximum class size” means the largest number of students the Board may enroll in a class under provisions of Section 9.1 and 9.3.
Class size is defined in Section D of this Article.
Class size means an instructional grouping of students
Class size means the districtwide ratio at each grade level of the number of full-time students in kindergarten through grade 3 served at least 40 percent of the time in regular classrooms to the number of full-time classroom teachers in kindergarten through grade 3, determined as of October 1 of each school year.
Class size means an instructional grouping of students where,