Switching Sample Clauses

Switching. 27.5.1 Each Party shall, through its Controlling Authority, develop a written protocol that establishes the conditions for, and the coordination of, switching in respect of equipment under its control.
Switching. GR-1428-CORE Common Channel Signaling (CCS) Network Interface Specification Supporting Toll Free Service GR-1432-CORE Common Channel Signaling Network Interface Specification (CCSNIS) Supporting SCCP and TCAP GR-317-CORE LSSGR: Switching System Generic Requirements for Call Control Using the Integrated Services Digital Network User Part (ISDNUP) GR-905-CORE CCSNIS Supporting Network Interconnection, Message Transfer Part (MTP), and ISDNUP GR-1357-CORE Switched Fractional DS1 GR-540-CORE LSSGR Tandem Supplement GR-305-CORE GR-1429-CORE CCSNIS Supporting Call Management Services FR-64 LATA Switching System Generic Requirement (LSSGR) GR-334-CORE Switched Access Service TR-NWT-000335 Voice Grade Special Access Services GR-529-CORE LSSGR Public Safety GR-505-CORE Call Processing FR-NWT-000271 Operator Services Systems Generic Requirements (OSSGR) GR-1156-CORE OSSGR Section 21: Operator Subsystems SR-1171 Methods and Procedures for System Reliability Analysis
Switching. The voice network today consists of Lucent 5ESS switches, typically deployed one per city and operated as the centralized switching platform for the entire market. All switches provide local service through interconnect arrangements with the incumbent LEC. All WinStar switches provide long distance service to WinStar local customers and most switches provide long distance services to WinStar switched access long distance customers. The data network consists of Newbridge 36170 ATM switches and Cascade 9000 frame relay switches in the Central Office.
Switching. The network today consists of a centralized switching topology connected to access nodes via transmission facilities. This topology is expected to gradually evolve to a more distributed switching architecture whereby many former access nodes become service nodes.
Switching. 2.1 Switching requests for planned works Each party must use reasonable endeavours to carry out switching, as reasonably requested by the other party, to allow that other party to carry out planned works that will or are likely to affect the provision of Transmission Services, the Powerlink Assets or a party’s assets.
Switching. The switching of existing securities with the security which is going to be issued.
Switching. Other than pursuant to any revisions to this Agreement negotiated on the basis set out in Section 6.2(b), BidCo may not elect to implement the Acquisition by means of a takeover offer within the meaning of Section 974 of CA 2006 at any time without first obtaining the written consent (in its sole discretion) of the Company.
Switching. One (1) journeyman lineman, one (1) substation technician, or one (1) relay control wiring technician may perform low voltage switching, such as closing or reopening power circuit breakers by low voltage switch operation, turning load tap changers to manual or automatic, ground trip switching, or the operation of under-frequency tripping controls, consistent with Section 11.3.5, provided the employee has immediate two-way communications with the Power Control Center. In addition, powerhouse operators may switch in substations that are adjacent to and part of an established powerhouse.
Switching. GR-954-CORE LIDB GR-2863-CORE AIN GR-1428-CORE Toll Free Service GR-1432-CORE TCAP GR-905-CORE ISUP GR-1357-CORE Switched Fractional DS1 GR-1298-CORE AIN Switching System Generic Requirements GR-1299-CORE AIN Service Control Point Adjunct Interface Generic Requirements TR-NWT-001284 AIN 0.1 Switching System Generic Requirements GR-905-CORE Common Channel Signaling Network Interface Specification GR-1432-CORE CCS Network Interface Specification Telcordia TR-TSY-000540, Issue 2R2 GR-305-CORE GR-1429-CORE GR-2863-CORE FR-64 LATA LSSGR GR-334-CORE Switched Access Service TR-NWT-000335 Voice Grade Special Access Services TR-TSY-000529 Public LSSGR TR-NWT-000505 LSSGR Call Processing FR-NWT-000271 OSSGR TR-NWT-001156 OSSGR Subsystem SR-TSY-001171 System Reliability Analysis