Local Switching Sample Clauses

Local Switching. 4.1.1 BellSouth shall provide non-discriminatory access to local circuit switching capability, and local tandem switching capability, on an unbundled basis, except as set forth below in Section to <<customer_name>> for the provision of a telecommunications service. BellSouth shall provide non-discriminatory access to packet switching capability on an unbundled basis to <<customer_name>> for the provision of a telecommunications service only in the limited circumstance described below in Section 4.4.
Local Switching. 10.1.1 The unbundled Local Switching Element includes line side and trunk side facilities (e.g. line and trunk side Ports such as analog and ISDN line side Ports and DS1 trunk side Ports). plus the features, functions, and capabilities of the switch. It consists of the line-side Port (including connection between a Loop termination and a switch line card, telephone number assignment, basic intercept, one primary directory listing, presubscription, and access to 911, operator services, and directory assistance), line and line group features (including all vertical features and line blocking options that the switch and its associated deployed switch software is capable of providing and are currently offered to Verizon’s local exchange Customers), usage (including the connection of lines to lines, lines to trunks, trunks to lines, and trunks to trunks), and trunk features (including the connection between the trunk termination and a trunk card).
Local Switching. 4.1 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, the services offered pursuant to this Section 4 are limited to DS0 level Local Switching and BellSouth is not required to provide Local Switching pursuant to this Agreement except as set forth in Section 4.2.
Local Switching. The Local Switching Network Element (“Local Switching”) is collectively the Line Side and Trunk Side facilities in the local serving Qwest end office Switch which provides the basic switching function, the port, plus the features, functions, and capabilities of the switch including all compatible, available, and loaded vertical features (e.g., anonymous call rejection) that are loaded in that switch. Vertical features are software attributes on end office Switches and are listed on the Qwest wholesale website. Qwest signaling is provided with Local Switching solely as described in Section 1.4.2 of this Attachment. The following Local Switching ports are available with QLSP Service: Analog Line Ports, Digital Line Ports Supporting Basic Rate Interface—Integrated Services Digital Network (“BRI ISDN”), and Analog Trunk Ports.
Local Switching. BellSouth agrees to offer access to local switching pursuant to the following terms and conditions and at the rates set forth in Attachment 11.
Local Switching. Local switching provides the basic switching functions to originate, route and terminate traffic and any signaling deployed in the switch. Vertical features are optional services provided through software programming in the switch which can be added on a per-feature basis with applicable rate. GTE will offer only those features and functions Currently Available to the particular platform used (e.g., DMS, 5ESS, GTD5). Any feature or function which is not available, but the switch is capable of providing, may be requested via the BFR process. NEN will be responsible for bearing any costs incurred by GTE in making such feature/function available, including Right-to-Use (RTU) fees. The rates for Local Switching and Vertical Features are listed in Appendix D.
Local Switching. 4.1. Definition: Local Switching is the Network Element that provides the functionality required to connect the appropriate originating lines or trunks wired to the Main Distributing Frame (MDF) or Digital Signal Cross Connect (DSX) panel to a desired terminating line or trunk. Such functionality shall include all of the features, functions, and capabilities of the GTE switch including but not limited to: line signaling and signaling software, digit reception, dialed number translations, call screening, routing, recording, call supervision, dial tone, switching, telephone number provisioning, announcements, calling features and capabilities (including call processing), CENTRANET, Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), Carrier pre-subscription (e.g., long distance carrier, intraLATA toll), Carrier Identification Code (CIC) portability capabilities, testing and other operational features inherent to the switch and switch software. Local Switching provides access to transport, signaling (ISDN User Part (ISUP) and Transaction Capabilities Application Part (TCAP), and platforms such as adjuncts, Public Safety Systems (911), operator services, directory services and Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN). Remote Switching Module functionality is included in the Local Switching function. The switching capabilities used will be based on the line side features they support, where Currently Available. Local Switching will also be capable of routing local directory assistance and operator services calls to alternative directory assistance and operator services platforms.
Local Switching. 5. For interstate Switched Access calls where DTI is using GTE's unbundled Local Switching for calls originated from or terminated to an IXC for completion:
Local Switching. 4.1.1 BellSouth shall provide non-discriminatory access to local circuit switching capability, and local tandem switching capability, on an unbundled basis, except as set forth below in Section
Local Switching. Bellcore FR-NWT-000064 (Local Switching Systems General Requirements) Bellcore GR-1432-CORE (TCAP) Bellcore GR-905-CORE (ISUP) Bellcore GR-1429-CORE (Call Management) Bellcore GR-1357-CORE (Switched Fractional DS1) Bellcore GR-1428-CORE (Toll Free Service) Bellcore GR-1597-CORE (Calling Name) Bellcore GR-954-CORE (Line Information Database) Bellcore GR-2863-CORE (Advanced Intelligent Network) GR-1298-CORE, AIN Switching System Generic Requirements GR-1299-CORE, AIN Switch-Service Control Point (SCP)/Adjunct Interface Generic Requirements TR-NWT-001284, AIN 0.1 Switching System Generic Requirements SR-NWT-002247, AIN Release 1 Update ANSI standards Q.931, Q.932 Bellcore TR-NWT-08 Bellcore TR-NWT-303 TR-NWT-000393, January 1991, Generic Requirements for ISDN Basic Access Digital Subscriber Lines