Swimming Pool Sample Clauses

Swimming Pool. The Property includes a swimming pool or spa □ The Property does not include a swimming pool or spa In accordance with applicable law, if the Property includes a swimming pool or spa, the required disclosures and/or safety notices are attached to this Agreement.
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Swimming Pool. You and your group agree to abide by the Swimming Pool rules of use. You take responsibility for reading these rules before using the swimming pool. Copies can be found in the red folder within the property and also in the swimming pool area.
Swimming Pool. 1. Every attempt will be made to have the swimming pool open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Hours will be as posted in the swimming pool area.
Swimming Pool. (Where Applicable) No children under the age of twelve (12) years of age will be allowed in or about any swimming pool area unless accompanied by an adult. The pool is a private pool for the use of the Lessees only. Guests of Lessees must be limited on two (2) persons per Premises at any one time and a Lessee must accompany them. In those properties where a “pool tag” system is used, Lessees and guests must observe the current published regulations as to use of pool. The Lessee further agrees that only a greaseless type suntan lotion may be used and not an oil base suntan lotion; and further that no ball playing, running or wrestling will be allowed in the pool or pool area. Beverages brought to the pool area should be in containers other than glass. No glasses, bottles, glass containers or food are allowed in the pool area. Other pool rules are to be observed as posted from time to time by the Lessor.
Swimming Pool. A. There is no lifeguard on duty. Swimming is at your own risk.
Swimming Pool. If applicable, Owner’s Agent agrees that tenants may utilize the property’s swimming pool. Unless otherwise noted, Tenants will be responsible for normal maintenance and repair of pool (normal wear and tear excluded). Tenant assumes full liability resulting from use of the pool and agrees to hold the Owner and Owner’s Agent harmless from any and all claims resulting thereof.
Swimming Pool i. Persons must not use the swimming pool without first reading the rules for use if the swimming pool which are available from the Club and are displayed within the swimming pool area.
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Swimming Pool. 34.1 The Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that the owner/occupier of the unit shall be entitled to the use of the swimming pool, which use shall be regulated by virtue of the rules of the Body Corporate from time to time..
Swimming Pool. Guests acknowledge that there is no lifeguard on duty and use of this swimming pool is used at their own risk. Children must be supervised at all times. Do NOT jump into the Pool at any time because of shallow water on one side! Risk of serious injury!!! Guests are not allowed to adjust or alter any setting of pool/spa equipment without instruction from Owner. Any damages caused by Guests’ manipulation of pool/spa equipment will be at Guests’ expense. WARNING: Under no circumstances are door/windows alarms to the pool area to be deactivated. Furthermore, any fence or similar barriers that surround the pool must be in place unless the pool is in use in the presence of a person who is able to swim and is twelve (12) years of age or older. Any Guest who violates this rule will be held legally responsible for any consequences, and the Owner may terminate this Agreement immediately without any refund to the Guests.
Swimming Pool. Hours may vary, depending on weather conditions.
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