APPROVED Sample Clauses

APPROVED. I hereby certify to the correctness of the foregoing Resolution. ATTESTED: (SGD.) XXX. XXXXXXXXXX X. CHICHIRITA Presiding Officer (SGD.) MA. XXXXX X. XXXXXXX Secretary to the Sanggunian APPROVED: (SGD.) XXX. XXX X. XXXXXXX
APPROVED. The term "approved" will be held to the limits of the Project Coordinator’s authority as specified in the Contract Documents. In no case shall the Project Coordinator’s approval relieve the Contractor of its responsibility to provide a Project constructed in accordance with the Contract Documents. The Project Coordinator’s approval shall be for general conformance to the Contract Documents and shall not relieve the General Contractor from its responsibility to accurately determine quantities and to correlate and verify dimensions.
APPROVED. I hereby certify to the correctness of the foregoing Resolution. ATTESTED:
APPROVED. A copy of the AD-862 page two should be maintained on file if component practices are to be installed in the future. Funds are obligated with the landowner and a contract exists. NRCS sends the applicant, in writing, instructions with the AD-245 page two. Refer to CPM, section 520.72 for an example of an approval letter. Deferred. A letter will be mailed to the applicant explaining why there is a deferral. Refer to CPM, section 520.73 for an example of a deferral letter. Not approved. A letter will be mailed to the participant that notifies the applicant why the practice was not approved and of his/her appeal rights. The State Forester shall enter a statement as to why the application received an unfavorable determination on the AD-862. Refer to CPM, section 520.75 for an example of a disapproval letter.
APPROVED. This agreement is hereby executed upon the signatures, addresses and other vital information of each party below.
APPROVED. In the technical appraisal reviewer’s opinion, the value estimate is strongly supported and complies with all contract specifications. Any corrections or revisions by the appraiser are deemed insignificant in the technical appraisal reviewer’s opinion and will not affect the values identified in the appraisal report. Fees will be paid upon receipt of accurate invoices.
APPROVED. Submittals marked "approved" or "approved as submitted" authorize the Contractor to proceed with the work covered.
APPROVED. This term means approved by the Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard, unless otherwise stated. [CGFR 68–60, 33 FR 10051, July 12, 1968]