Resource Sample Clauses

Resource. A family-type resource or an intermediate resource within the meaning of the AHSSS and to which the Act respecting the representation of resources applies.
Resource. Home Location shall be subject to voluntary inspection /verification, as agreed upon by the Parties, by Supplier or AT&T representative if AT&T information/resource is present. The Supplier resource must notify AT&T/Supplier of any changes in Resource Home Location.
Resource. At the initiation of the new scheme, it will be the responsibility of the Lead delivery Council to ensure that adequate staff resources are in place, available and appropriate for the anticipated technical operations within the cluster areas, and to provide for the anticipated administrative function. Each cluster lead will ensure that appropriate resources are available to meet the anticipated needs of their responsibilities for service delivery and management within that cluster, outside of the administrative and technical functions being delivered by Belfast City Council. The lead delivery council will ensure there is an ability for staff resources to be allocated between clusters, particularly in instances (considered above at 8.0 Variations) such as significant changes to the anticipated workload, and during the initial phase of implementation during the 2019/20 year. Individual councils will ensure there is an ability to provide ‘hot deskaccommodation for technical officers undertaking work in their council areas, where access to such office/desk accommodation might be required. Local councils will nominate a point of contact for technical officers.
Resource. As a problem solver and educator/instructor, the SRO will assist the District in identifying environmental changes that can reduce crime and/or other negative conduct, such as bullying, in or around the Schools. The SRO may be called upon to assist in educating staff and students about crimes in which students are especially likely to be offenders or victims, such as vandalism, shoplifting, and sexual assault by acquaintances, etc.
Resource. Regular education classroom instruction for most of the school day, with special education services and programs provided by special education personnel in a resource classroom for part of the school day.
Resource. A family-type resource or an intermediate resource within the meaning of the AHSSS and to which the Act respecting the representation of resources applies 1-2.23 TAQ The Tribunal administratif du Québec. 1-2.24 User individual designated as such within the meaning of the AHSSS.
Resource. The Wales coast has a significant wave and tidal stream climate, as well as huge opportunities for tidal range. Welsh Government commissioned the Marine Renewable Energy Strategic Framework (MRESF) for Wales, a £1 million project mapping resource and potential constraints, which provides developers with an online mapping tool. The project confirmed there is the potential to deliver
Resource. Act as a resource for issues related to law enforcement in a cooperative relationship with students, their families, District staff, and community members and facilitate communication between the City Police Department, other law enforcement agencies, and District officials. This includes meeting regularly with District counselors and student interaction directors to identify behaviorally at-risk students or conditions that could result in delinquent behavior and formulate plans and offer solutions.