Subject to Arbitration Sample Clauses

Subject to Arbitration. Suspension without pay shall take effect only after written notification from the Executive Director to the teacher-itinerant stating the grounds. The teacher-itinerant has the right to invoke the grievance procedures set forth in this Agreement at the arbitration level, provided written notification requesting arbitration is sent to the Executive Director within ten (10) working days after receipt of the written notice of suspension without pay. The arbitrator’s authority shall include a review of whether the suspension without pay and length thereof were appropriate considering all circumstances surrounding the action.
Subject to Arbitration. Any Dispute referred to arbitration as provided above shall be settled by arbitration in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin under rules for arbitration that the parties may mutually agree upon, or, in the absence of such agreement, as selected by the arbitrator(s) as provided in subsection (0) below.
Subject to Arbitration. If an employee is of the opinion that there has been an improper discharge and same is not adjusted by mutual agreement and the Union has submitted to the Company a statement of the facts in writing signed by the employee con- cerned, then such discharge may constitute a grievance to be adjusted through utilizing the procedure under the Grievance and Arbitration sections of this Agreement. Any employee may be discharged at the sole discre- tion of the Company during his probationary period.

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  • NO ARBITRATION Disputes involving this contract, including the breach or alleged breach thereof, may not be submitted to binding arbitration (except where statutorily authorized), but must, instead, be heard in a court of competent jurisdiction of the State of New York.