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First Paragraph. The PROMISING TRANSFEROR is a limited liability company duly organized, validly existing and in good standing under the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil and has full corporate power and authority to carry on its business as it is now being conducted and to own all of its properties and assets. The PROMISING TRANSFEROR is duly qualified to do business and is in good standing in each jurisdiction in which the ownership of its properties or the conduct of its business requires such qualification.
First Paragraph. Regulatory Filings" Section 6.6 "Restricted Stock" Section 6.4 "Restructuring" Section 8.2(c) "Rights" Section 6.4 "Rights Agreement" Section 5.3(a) "Schedule 14D-9 Section 5.3(b) "SEC" Section 5.1(b) "Securities Act" Section 6.7(a) "Significant Subsidiary" Section 6.1 "Stock Option Plans" Section 4.2(d) "Stockholders Meeting" Section 8.3(a) "Subsidiary" Section 11.8 "Surviving Corporation" Section 1.1 "Tax" or "Taxes" Section 6.10 "Tax Return" Section 6.10
First Paragraph. Ancillary Instruments" - Section 3.2.(a) "Business" - Recitals "Buyer" - First Paragraph "Claim" - Section 8.1 "Closing" - Preamble to Article 9 "Closing Date" - Section 9 "Common Shares" - Section 1.1 "Company" - First Paragraph "Deltec" - Section 2.1.(c) "Disclosure Schedule" - Section 11.1 "Employee Plans/Agreement(s)" - Section 3.16.(a) "Employees" - Section 3.16.(a) "ERISA" - Section 3.16.(a) "Facilities" - Recitals "Fiskars" - First Paragraph "Fiskars Company" - Section 3.1.(d) "Government Entities" - Section 3.3 "Holdings" - First Paragraph "HSR Act" - Section 3.3 "Indemnified Party" - Sectixx 0.3.(a) "Indemnifying Party" - Section 8.3.(a) "Laws" - Section 3.3 "Lien" - Section 3.13.(a) "Litigation" - Section 3.10 "Material Adverse Effect" - Section 3.6.(a) "Orders" - Section 3.3 "Permitted Liens" - Section 3.13.(a) "Preferred Shares" - Section 1.2 "Purchase Price" - Section 2.1 "Real Property" - Section 3.13.(b) "Recent Balance Sheet" - Section 3.4 "Shareholder" - First Paragraph "Shareholders' Knowledge" - Article 3 (Intro) "Shares" - Recitals "Subsidiary" - Section 3.1.(d) "Trade Rights" - Section 3.18 "WARN" - Section 5.11 Where any group or category of items or matters is defined collectively in the plural number, any item or matter within such definition may be referred to using such defined term in the singular number.

Examples of First Paragraph in a sentence

  • RIGHT TO AUDIT (First Paragraph is Statutory)The State shall have the right to audit the Contractor’s performance of this contract upon a thirty (30) days’ written notice.

  • Article First, Paragraph B, provides that Trust is to end upon the death of the survivor of Child A, Child B, and Grandchild C, at which time the trustees are to distribute the Trust principal by right of representation to Testator’s then living issue.

  • Article First, Paragraph A, of Trust provides that the trustees are to pay the net income quarterly in equal shares to Child A, Child B, and Grandchild C.

  • First Paragraph: If you do not want to receive a hardcopy of the report, remove the second sentence.

  • ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS TO COMPLETE THIS ARTICLE: First Paragraph: For studies funded with ARRA Funds , add the following (or similar) language as the second sentence: "A separate " Cumulative Inclusion Enrollment Report" shall be completed for each clinical research protocol funded with ARRA funds." Second paragraph: Select the sentence appropriate for the type of contract within the brackets below.

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First Paragraph. Xxxxxx Trustees" First paragraph "Xxxxxxx Trust" First paragraph "Xxxxxxx Trustees" First paragraph "Governmental Approval" Section 3.11(c)(v) "Governmental Authority" Section 3.11(c)(vi) "Hazardous Substance" Section 3.11(c)(vii) "Hazardous Substance Activity" Section 3.11(c)(viii) "Intellectual Property" Section 3.9 "Legal Requirement" Section 3.11(c)(ix) "Liens" Section 3.2 "Losses" Section 2.3(c)(i) "Material Adverse Effect" Section 3.1(b) "MCAC" First paragraph "MCAC Common Stock" Section 2.3(a) "MCSC" First paragraph "MCSC Common Stock" Section 2.3(b) "MCSC Group" Section 5.7(a) "MCSC Loss" Section 5.7(a) "MCSC Preferred Stock" Section 4.1(a)(i) "MCSC Securities" Section 2.3(c)(i) "Merger" Second "Whereas" paragraph "Xx. Xxxxxx" First paragraph
First Paragraph. The term referred to in the previous item shall be, however, anticipated upon the earlier of the following situations:
First Paragraph. In the paragraph that follows, insert Borrower’s name, loan number and date of Loan Documents.
First Paragraph. The Party affected by the occurrence of an event of Higher Power must communicate the fact to the other Party in the deadline of 3 (three) days counting from the date of verification of the event, through written notification, with a thorough description of the event of Higher Power, in which must be information that indicates the nature of the event, to what level it compromises the fulfillment of its obligations in the terms of this Contract and the estimate of the period in which the event of Higher Power shall keep from fulfilling the suspended obligations due to the referred event. The suspension of the obligations due to the Higher Power shall not have the effect of exempting the affected Party from the faithful and whole fulfillment of the obligations that had been due before the occurrence of the event of Higher Power.
First Paragraph. The definitive transfer of title to the Permissions of the PROMISING TRANSFEROR to the PROMISING TRANSFEREE shall be made by means of the execution of one or more definitive transfer agreements relating to each of the Permissions individually, in groups or jointly, at the option of the PROMISING TRANSFEREE.
First Paragraph. This Agreement is entered into considering the estimated consumption of THE AIRLINES and set forth in ANNEX No. 1 herein. If THE AIRLINES should require an increase of said consumption levels by a percentage equivalent or greater to twenty percent (20%), they undertake to advise TERPEL at least three months in advance and six months in advance for percentages that exceed 20% to validate the origin of the fuel and the infrastructure to meet those demands. Should TERPEL not have the availability of the excess product required by THE AIRLINES to meet the additional volumes, or the infrastructure required for its provision, THE AIRLINES must be notified as follows:
First Paragraph. Under no circumstances the changes of the financial condition of the Buyer or of the Seller will be considered as Releasing Event under this Agreement. Neither THE BUYER nor THE SELLER will be responsible for the noncompliance or imperfect compliance of any or all their obligations determined in this agreement; if said fault is caused by Force Majeure events, Fortuitous Event or Releasing Event duly proven. The Force Majeure, Fortuitous Event or Releasing Event will not release THE BUYER from its obligation pay to THE SELLER the invoices for the supply of crude that has been delivered by THE SELLER, according to the terms stipulated by this Agreement. GENERAL CONDITIONS OF THE CRUDE OIL PURCHASE AGREEMENT Page - 14 - of 19 Free English translation of Spanish language document COMMERCIAL AND MARKETING VICE PRESIDENCY REFINED PRODUCTS AND CRUDE OILSNATIONAL MANAGER The occurrence of any of the events set forth in this clause will not release or exonerate in any way the Parties from the compliance with their obligations contracted and / or accrued before the occurrence of the events the subject matter of this clause.