Exercise of the Rights Sample Clauses

Exercise of the Rights. The Company will use such commercially reasonable efforts as the Guarantors may reasonably request to enforce payment in respect of, or to otherwise ensure the valid exercise of, all Rights purported to be exercised either under the Basic Subscription Privilege or the Additional Subscription Privilege.
Exercise of the Rights. 1.3.1 On the exercise of any rights of entry on to the Premises, the person entering shall give reasonable prior notice (but in the case of entry other than for the purpose of carrying out works no more than 24 hours' notice shall be required) to the Tenant unless the rights need to be exercised in an emergency, cause as little damage and inconvenience as reasonably practicable in the exercise of the rights and make good any physical damage caused to the Premises in the exercise of those rights and the Landlord shall use reasonable endeavours to not disrupt the operation of the business conducted at the Premises and to preserve the privacy and dignity of residents of the Premises.
Exercise of the Rights. 22 3.1 INITIAL EXERCISE PRICE; EXERCISE OF RIGHTS; DETACHMENT OF RIGHTS....................................22 3.2
Exercise of the Rights. The Tenant must exercise the Rights: only in connection with the Tenant's use of the Property for the Permitted Use in accordance with any regulations made by the Landlord under 1924.; and in compliance with all laws relating to the Tenant's use of the Centre, the Landlord's Neighbouring Property and any other neighbouring or adjoining property pursuant to the Rights. In exercising any right of entry on to any of the Common Parts or any Lettable Unit pursuant to 321.9 of Schedule 2, the Tenant must: except in case of emergency, give reasonable notice of its intention to exercise that right to the Landlord and any occupiers of the relevant Lettable Unit; where reasonably required by the Landlord or the occupier of the relevant Lettable Unit, exercise that right only if accompanied by a representative of the Landlord, the tenant or the occupier of the relevant Lettable Unit; cause as little damage as possible to the Common Parts and any other Lettable Unit and to any property belonging to or used by the Landlord or the tenants or occupiers of any other Lettable Unit; cause as little inconvenience as reasonably possible to the Landlord and the tenants and occupiers of the other Lettable Units; and promptly make good any damage caused by reason of the Tenant exercising that right. Allow entry Subject to 2127.2, the Tenant must allow all those entitled to exercise any right to enter the Property to enter the Property: except in the case of an emergency (when no notice shall be required), after having given reasonable notice (which need not be in writing) to the Tenant; at any reasonable time (whether or not during usual business hours); and with their workers, contractors, agents and professional advisers. The Tenant must allow any person authorised by the terms of a Third Party Right to enter the Property in accordance with that Third Party Right.
Exercise of the Rights. 22.1 The Tenant must exercise the Rights:
Exercise of the Rights. 3.1. Initial Exercise Price; Exercise of Rights;