Definition of Technical Advisor

Technical Advisor means SacOil, Holdings Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of South Africa, with registered office at 1st Floor, 12 Culross Road, Bryanston, 2021, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa appointed by PIC, or any other technical advisor acceptable to PIC and the Lenders.

Examples of Technical Advisor in a sentence

Include the Contracting Officer (CO), Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO), the Small Business Administration (SBA) Commercial Market Representative (CMR), the Small Business Technical Advisor (SBTA), and GSA's Subcontracting Plan Program Manager in the email dis- tribution when submitting the ISR and SSR via eSRS.
If at any time during contract performance you are unable to identify capable small, HUBZone small, small disadvan- taged, women-owned small, veteran-owned small and ser- vice-disabled veteran-owned small business concerns, please contact your local Small Business Technical Advisor your local Small Business Technical Advisor found at https:/ or the Office of Small Business Utilization by telephone at (202) 501-1021.
Gap Analysis Report means a report from the Technical Advisor prepared in accordance with the Agreed Scope of Work.
An Esri Technical Advisor who has expertise in Esri GIS software capabilities and has the ability to analyze and assess optimal solutions in the context of GIS enterprise implementation will be assigned to Licensee.
Licensee will receive up to the number of Technical Advisor hours ordered.