Stack Sample Clauses

Stack. Netscape will produce the Page as set forth on Exhibit A. The Premier Graphic of each of the services appearing in the Premier Provider category will appear to be overlapped in a stack (the "STACK"). A Premier Graphic will be accessible by the end user by pressing or "clicking" on a tab for the relevant Premier Provider's service. Netscape will produce the Page such that when an end user presses or "clicks" on hypertext links ("PREMIER LINKS") placed by Premier Provider on the Premier Graphic, the end user's Browser will access Premier Provider's applicable HTML pages located at the applicable URL's ("PREMIER URL'S") for such pages on the collection of English-language HTML documents Premier Provider maintains as its primary web site whose home page is located at the URL ("XREMIER PROVIDER'S WEB SITE").
Stack. A Stack is a Fuel Cell that contains two or more Single Cells connected in series. Fuel Cell Stacks are utilized to generate more power than a Single Cell can generate.
Stack. Common stack height will be 175 feet. Stack will be in accordance with ASME/ANSI standards and will be made from carbon steel. Location of test ports and sampling platform will meet USEPA siting criteria of 40 CFR 60. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Proprietary Information Page 9 AES IRONWOOD CONTRACT FINAL ISSUE - OCTOBER 30, 1998 HRSG Technical Requirement --------------------------- =========================== -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HRSG Technical Requirements --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Stack. Figure 2 shows the scheme of an SOC-stack test object, consisting of multiple repeating units (RUs) which are assembled in series. The waved line in the middle shows that the number of repeating units is not specified. Electrical contacts and the gas distribution are provided by interconnects and the top/bottom plates. The stack results are generated by the repeating units, which might be influenced by electrical contact and gas flow conditions. top plate RU n . . . RU 2 RU 1 bottom plate Figure 2: Scheme of an SOC stack test object 6 Test system
Stack. This facility consists of a single concrete outer shell with a separate brick flue for Unit No. 6 and No. 5. FERC Acc. No. 312.
Stack a group of connected Flow Battery cells, assembled in a contiguous form and usually connected in series electrically8
Stack. The stack height has been established in the PSD permit as 130'. Stack outlet may be constructed of steel with an I.D. of 19 ft. per the PSD Permit. Stack design material, protective coatings and insulation shall be compatible with temperatures and operating conditions that may be encountered. Stack shall be self-supporting, un-guyed, and unlined, constructed of steel plate. A corrosion allowance of 1/16" shall be used for steel stack. Connections for emissions compliance testing shall be provided on the stack. Full circumference platforms shall be furnished at each testing level. Ladder access to the test platform connections shall be provided along with platforming at the connection elevation. Contractor shall provide a source emissions monitoring system for continuous monitoring of stack emissions on each stack. The monitoring system shall meet all applicable Federal and State standards for monitoring of stationary services in the appropriate size class. Each stack shall be provided with a stack damper to retain heat when the HRSG is not in operation. The DCS will be provided a status signal of the damper cap position (fully open or fully closed). The stack damper shall be actuated from the DCS.
Stack. Netscape will produce the Page as set forth on Exhibit A. The ----- Premier Graphics on the Page will appear to be overlapped in a stack (the "Stack"). The Premier Graphic will be accessible by an end user by clicking on a tab for the Premier Provider's service. When an end user clicks on hypertext links ("Premier Links") placed by Premier Provider on the Premier Graphic, the end user's Browser will access pages ("Premier URLs") on the collection of English-language HTML documents Premier Provider maintains as its primary web site, with a home page of xxxx://xxx. .com or such other address as ----------- Premier Provider may provide in writing ("Premier Provider's Web Site"). Netscape reserves the right to use, in its sole discretion, those [*]- CERTAIN INFORMATION WITHIN THIS EXHIBIT HAS BEEN OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE COMMISSION. CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT HAS BEEN REQUESTED WITH RESPECT TO THE OMITTED PORTIONS. portions of the Page not used by the Stack. The Premier Graphic may be served on the top of the Stack to an end user by the following means: (i) random rotation, as described in Section 3.3; (ii) end user default selection, as described in Section 3.4; or (iii) an end user selection of the Premier Graphic tab in the Stack.
Stack. The notice of exercise shall be signed by E. Stack and shall specify the number of shares to be purchased and the exercise price to be paid therefor, and shall be accompanied by the payment of the exercise price for the shares as to which the Option is then being exercised. The exercise price must be payable in United States dollars and may be paid by check or wire transfer payable to R. Stack. Upon notice of exercise and payment of the exercise price, R. Stack shall deliver to E. Stack a stock certificate or certificates representing the number of shares of Common Stock as to which the Option has been exercised, duly endorsed for transfer to E. Stack or accompanied by executed stock powers reflecting transfer to E. Stack, in each case with his signature(s) guaranteed. All such shares shall be free and clear of all liens, claims and encumbrances except those imposed by this Agreement.
Stack. Cell "core" created from a stack of cells composed of a mechanical assemblage of bipolar plates, polymer membranes and electrodes, and possibly an integrated humidifier.