Share Incentive Plan Sample Clauses

Share Incentive Plan. Unless approved by the Board, all officers, directors, employees and consultants of the Company who shall purchase, or receive options to purchase, shares of the Company under the share incentive option plan adopted by the Company’s shareholders on November 1, 2012, as amended and restated on October 9, 2013 (the “Share Plan”) under which the Company may reserve not more than 44,758,220 Ordinary Shares (the “Plan Share Limit”) for issuance to its officers, directors, employees and consultants shall be required to execute share purchase or option agreements providing for (i) vesting of shares over not less than a four-year period with the first twenty five percent (25%) of such shares vesting following twelve (12) months of continued employment or services, and the remaining shares vesting in equal monthly installments over the following thirty-six (36) months, and (ii) a one-hundred eighty (180) day lockup period in connection with the Company’s Qualified IPO. The Company shall retain a “right of first refusal” on employee transfers until the Company’s Qualified IPO and the right to repurchase unvested shares at cost. Without the approval of the holders representing at least eighty-five percent (85%) of the then outstanding Preferred Shares (voting together as a single class on an as-converted basis), the Company shall not (i) grant any option or other equity-based awards to any person with the underlying Shares representing 0.5% or more of the total share capital of the Company on a single basis, (ii) grant any option or other equity-based awards to any person with the underlying Shares representing 1% or more of the total share capital of the Company on a cumulative basis; or (iii) grant any option or other equity-based awards to any person that is not in standard terms of the employee share option plans with respect to the vesting schedule, the exercise price or any other aspects. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, without the approval of each of the Investors, the Company shall not (i) increase the Plan Share Limit or (ii) approve any new equity-based compensation plan or any bonus or incentive plan. Schedule 4 sets forth the capitalization of the Company immediately following the Closing including the number of shares of the following: (i) issued and outstanding Ordinary Shares, including, with respect to restricted Ordinary Shares (if any), vesting schedule and repurchase price; (ii) Ordinary Shares reserved for issuance under...
Share Incentive Plan. The Executive shall be entitled to participate in the Company’s Share Incentive Plan in accordance with its terms.
Share Incentive Plan. If at any time or from time to time the Managing General Partner sells or issues Shares pursuant to any Share Incentive Plan, the Managing General Partner shall contribute the net proceeds therefrom to the Partnership as an additional Capital Contribution and shall receive the number of Common Units corresponding to the number of Shares delivered by the Managing General Partner to such exercising party multiplied by a fraction the numerator of which is one and the denominator of which is the Exchange Factor (as defined in Exhibit C hereto) in effect on the date of such contribution.
Share Incentive Plan. The Company and the Recipient each hereby agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in the 2002 Share Incentive Plan of Camden Property Trust, as may be amended from time to time, and each and every successor plan thereto (collectively, the “Share Incentive Plan”); provided, however, that in the event of any conflict between the terms and conditions of the Share Incentive Plan and the terms and conditions of this Award, the terms and conditions of this Award shall govern and control.
Share Incentive Plan. In July 1998, the Compensation Committee granted to the Executive options to purchase 50,000 shares of Class A Common Stock of the Company ("Common Stock") under the terms of the Company's Fiscal 1996 Share Incentive Plan ("Share Incentive Plan"). Additionally, senior management shall recommend to the Compensation Committee that the Executive be granted options to purchase not fewer than 50,000 shares of Common Stock as of each July 1 during the Term of Employment under the terms of the Share Incentive Plan or such successor plan of similar import as shall then exist.
Share Incentive Plan. The parties acknowledge that the Executive is entitled to participate in the share incentive plan (the "SHARE INCENTIVE PLAN") adopted from time to time by IPC and may be provided with stock options pursuant to the Share Incentive Plan.
Share Incentive Plan. The Executive shall be entitled to participate in the Company's Fiscal 1999 Share Incentive Plan and any successor plan in which senior executive officers of the Company are eligible to participate (the "Share Incentive Plan"); provided that any such participation shall be at the discretion of the Compensation Committee.
Share Incentive Plan. Prior to the Closing Date, the Target Company shall, and the Sellers shall cause the Target Company to, change the enforcer of the Pengai Employees Trust established under the Share Incentive Plan from Dx. Xxxx Pengwu to the Buyer's nominee(s).
Share Incentive Plan. The Executive shall be entitled to participate during the Term in the 2019 Share Incentive Plan of the Company, and any successors thereto, subject to the terms and provisions of such plans and the execution of the award agreements between the Company and the Executive.
Share Incentive Plan. (a) In order to promote the success and enhance the value of the Company by linking the personal interests of the members of the Board, Employees, and Consultants to those of the Company Shareholders and by providing such individuals with an incentive for outstanding performance to generate superior returns to the Company Shareholders, the Company adopted a share incentive plan (“Share Incentive Plan”) on 29 March 2012, CSH hereby agrees to contribute nine percentage (9%) of the entire [10,120] original ordinary shares issued before 1 March 2012 (“Original Shares”) of the Company at a total nominal consideration of USD3.00 for the Share Incentive Plan. For the avoidance of doubt, the Original Shares shall not include any further issuance of Ordinary Shares on and after 1 March 2012 or any other shares (including Preference Shares) in the capital of the Company or any loan capital, securities or other rights which having attached thereto a right of conversion into or exchange for any Ordinary Shares or any equity interest in the Company.