Qualified IPO Sample Clauses

Qualified IPO. Subject to applicable laws, the Company and the Founder shall use commercially reasonable best efforts to effectuate the closing of a Qualified IPO within thirty-six (36) months of the date of this Agreement. In the event of the closing of a Qualified IPO, each of the Company and the Founder agree to use commercially reasonable best efforts, subject to applicable laws, to minimize restrictions on the transfer of any Series A Preferred Shares held by the Investor (or Ordinary Shares that have been converted from such Series A Preferred Shares).
Qualified IPO. Each of the Investors, the Founder and the Company shall use their best endeavors to achieve a Qualified IPO by June 30, 2016, shall vote in favor of, and cause all the Directors designated thereby to vote in favor of, the consummation of the Qualified IPO and the actions reasonably taken to consummate the Qualified IPO. No offering of the shares of any member of the Company Group shall be made other than through a Qualified IPO.
Qualified IPO. The term “Qualified IPO” shall have the meaning set forth in the Restated Certificate.
Qualified IPO. The term "Qualified IPO" shall mean the Company's underwritten initial public offering of its Common Stock under the Securities Act, provided that the gross proceeds to the Company in such offering exceed $10 million and that the Company's Common Stock is listed for trading on a national securities exchange or is authorized for trading on the NASDAQ National Market System at such time.
Qualified IPO. “Qualified IPO” shall mean a firm commitment underwritten public offering pursuant to an effective registration statement under the Securities Act, covering the offer and sale of Parent Common Stock (other than a registration on Form X-0, Xxxx X-0 or comparable or successor forms), with aggregate gross proceeds (prior to underwriterscommissions and expenses) to Parent of more than $20,000,000 and a per share price of not less than $2.4051.
Qualified IPO. (a) As soon as practicable, but in any event within thirty (30) days after the Closing, the Company shall cause the Board to create a special committee which shall include an equal number of MCK Directors and Echo Directors (the “IPO Committee”) which shall oversee the conduct and consummation of a Qualified IPO. As promptly as practicable after its formation, but in no event later than six (6) months after Closing, the IPO Committee shall appoint one or more nationally recognized investment banks to act as underwriters of the Qualified IPO. The engagement of the underwriters shall be on financial and other terms customary in the industry, and all fees and expenses shall be borne by the Company (other than underwriting discounts and commissions which shall be payable by Echo). The Company agrees and acknowledges that it will be the indemnitor of first resort with respect to the Qualified IPO.
Qualified IPO. The Qualified IPO shall have been completed and the proceeds therefrom shall have been received by the Company.
Qualified IPO. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, from and after the occurrence of a Qualified IPO by the Borrower, (i) the Holding Companies shall no longer constitute Loan Parties or be required to provide a guaranty of, or any collateral security for, the Obligations and (ii) all covenants and obligations under the Loan Documents applicable to the Holding Companies shall cease to apply with respect to the Holding Companies.
Qualified IPO. Notwithstanding Sections 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 above, ------------- the rights of the Investors and the obligations of the Corporation under such Sections, except those contained in Section 7.2(d)(i) (which shall survive), shall terminate upon the consummation of a firm commitment underwritten public offering of the Corporation's Common Stock under the Securities Act, which results in gross proceeds to the Corporation of not less than Fifty Million Dollars ($50,000,000) at an offering price per share of not less than $22.88 (as adjusted for stock splits, reverse splits, and similar recapitalizations).