Number of Common Units Sample Clauses

Number of Common Units. The Option Agreement shall contain a statement of the number of Common Units to which the Option pertains, with a number of the Options designated as Non-Time Vesting Series A Options, Time Vesting Series A Options and Series B Options.
Number of Common Units. In connection with any conversion pursuant to Section 2.1(c)(i) or 2.1(c)(ii), each Series A Preferred Unit shall be convertible into that number of Common Units that is equal to the Series A Preferred Issue Price divided by the Series A Preferred Conversion Price. The “Series A Preferred Conversion Price” shall initially be equal to the Series A Preferred Issue Price, and shall be subject to adjustment as provided in Section 2.1(c)(iv).
Number of Common Units. If the conversion is not being settled by DTC, please issue and deliver ___ certificate(s) for Common Units in the following amount(s): If the Holder is receiving certificate(s) for Preferred Units upon the conversion, please issue and deliver ___ certificate(s) for Preferred Units in the following amounts: REGISTRATION RIGHTS AGREEMENT This REGISTRATION RIGHTS AGREEMENT is dated as of April ___, 2007 (this “Agreement”), by and among ATLAS PIPELINE PARTNERS, L.P., a Delaware limited partnership (the “Company”), and ATLAS PIPELINE PARTNERS FINANCE CORP., a Delaware corporation (the “Finance Co” and, together with the Company, the “Issuers”), and Sunlight Capital Partners, LLC (the “Purchaser”). The Issuers and the Purchaser are parties to the Purchase Agreement dated April ___, 2007 (the “Purchase Agreement”) which provides for the issuance to the Purchaser of $___ aggregate principal amount of the Issuers’ 81/8% Senior Notes due 2015 (including the unconditional guarantees thereof on an unsecured senior basis as to principal, premium, if any, and interest by the Guarantors, the “Securities”). As an inducement to the Purchaser to enter into the Purchase Agreement, the Issuers have agreed to provide to the Purchaser and its direct and indirect transferees the registration rights set forth in this Agreement. The execution and delivery of this Agreement is a condition to the Purchaser’s obligations under the Purchase Agreement. In consideration of the foregoing, the parties hereto agree as follows:

Related to Number of Common Units

  • Number of Units The Participant is granted the number of RSUs as specified in the Participant’s account under the 0000 XXX grant, administered by Fidelity Investments or any successor thereto (“Fidelity”). A RSU is a hypothetical share of Verizon’s common stock. The value of a RSU on any given date shall be equal to the closing price of Verizon’s common stock on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) as of such date. A Dividend Equivalent Unit (“DEU”) or fraction thereof shall be added to each RSU each time that a dividend is paid on Verizon’s common stock. The amount of each DEU shall be equal to the corresponding dividend paid on a share of Verizon’s common stock. The DEU shall be converted into RSUs or fractions thereof based upon the closing price of Verizon’s common stock traded on the NYSE on the dividend payment date of each declared dividend on Verizon’s common stock, and such RSUs or fractions thereof shall be added to the Participant’s RSU balance. To the extent that Fidelity or the Company makes an error, including but not limited to an administrative error with respect to the number or value of the RSUs granted to the Participant under this Agreement, the DEUs credited to the Participant’s account or the amount of the final award payment, the Company or Fidelity specifically reserves the right to correct such error at any time and the Participant agrees that he or she shall be legally bound by any corrective action taken by the Company or Fidelity.

  • Adjustment of Number of Common Shares and Exercise Price The subscription rights in effect under the Warrants for Common Shares issuable upon the exercise of the Warrants shall be subject to adjustment from time to time as follows:

  • Number of Units and Designation A class of Partnership Preferred Units is hereby designated as “Class Six Partnership Preferred Units,” and the number of Partnership Preferred Units constituting such class shall be 900,000.

  • Fractional Shares of Common Stock (a) The Company shall not issue fractions of Warrants or distribute Warrant Certificates which evidence fractional Warrants. Whenever any fractional Warrant would otherwise be required to be issued or distributed, the actual issuance or distribution shall reflect a rounding of such fraction to the nearest whole Warrant (rounded down).

  • Deemed Issue of Additional Shares of Common Stock (a) If the Corporation at any time or from time to time after the Series A-2 Original Issue Date shall issue any Options or Convertible Securities (excluding Options or Convertible Securities which are themselves Exempted Securities) or shall fix a record date for the determination of holders of any class of securities entitled to receive any such Options or Convertible Securities, then the maximum number of shares of Common Stock (as set forth in the instrument relating thereto, assuming the satisfaction of any conditions to exercisability, convertibility or exchangeability but without regard to any provision contained therein for a subsequent adjustment of such number) issuable upon the exercise of such Options or, in the case of Convertible Securities and Options therefor, the conversion or exchange of such Convertible Securities, shall be deemed to be Additional Shares of Common Stock issued as of the time of such issue or, in case such a record date shall have been fixed, as of the close of business on such record date.

  • Shares of Common Stock The Company shall have duly reserved the number of Underlying Shares required by this Agreement and the Transaction Documents to be reserved for issuance upon conversion of the Debentures and the exercise of the Warrants;

  • Certification of Adjusted Exercise Price or Number of Shares of Common Stock Whenever the Exercise Price or the number of shares of Common Stock issuable upon the exercise of each Warrant is adjusted as provided in Section 11 or 13, the Company shall (a) promptly prepare a certificate setting forth the Exercise Price of each Warrant as so adjusted, and a brief statement of the facts accounting for such adjustment, (b) promptly file with the Warrant Agent and with each transfer agent for the Common Stock a copy of such certificate and (c) instruct the Warrant Agent to send a brief summary thereof to each Holder of a Warrant Certificate.

  • Adjustment of Exercise Price, Number of Shares of Common Stock or Number of the Company Warrants The Exercise Price, the number of shares covered by each Warrant and the number of Warrants outstanding are subject to adjustment from time to time as provided in Section 3 of the Warrant Certificate. In the event that at any time, as a result of an adjustment made pursuant to Section 3 of the Warrant Certificate, the Holder of any Warrant thereafter exercised shall become entitled to receive any shares of capital stock of the Company other than shares of Common Stock, thereafter the number of such other shares so receivable upon exercise of any Warrant shall be subject to adjustment from time to time in a manner and on terms as nearly equivalent as practicable to the provisions with respect to the shares contained in Section 3 of the Warrant Certificate and the provisions of Sections 7, 11 and 12 of this Agreement with respect to the shares of Common Stock shall apply on like terms to any such other shares. All Warrants originally issued by the Company subsequent to any adjustment made to the Exercise Price pursuant to the Warrant Certificate shall evidence the right to purchase, at the adjusted Exercise Price, the number of shares of Common Stock purchasable from time to time hereunder upon exercise of the Warrants, all subject to further adjustment as provided herein.

  • Number of Copies Original along with one Copy of the bid. Bids must be accompanied by unit price and total price.

  • Designation and Number of Shares There is hereby created out of the authorized and unissued shares of preferred stock of the Issuer a series of preferred stock designated as the “Fixed Rate Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock, Series [●]” (the “Designated Preferred Stock”). The authorized number of shares of Designated Preferred Stock shall be [●].