Seller’s Deliveries Sample Clauses

Seller’s Deliveries. At the Closing, Seller shall deliver (or cause to be delivered) to the Escrow Agent all of the following instruments, each of which shall have been duly executed and, where applicable, acknowledged and/or sworn, on behalf of Seller, and shall be dated to be effective as of the Closing Date:
Seller’s Deliveries. At closing, Seller shall execute and deliver to Purchaser the Special Warranty Deed referred to in Paragraph 3 hereof and shall also execute, where necessary, and deliver to Purchaser, the following:
Seller’s Deliveries. (a) [Reserved]
Seller’s Deliveries. Seller shall have delivered to or for the benefit of Purchaser, on or before the Closing Date, all of the documents required of Seller pursuant to Sections 6.2 and 6.4 hereof.