Section 11.1.1 Sample Clauses

Section 11.1.1. 46 The Association shall be notified by the District of written disciplinary action(s) against an 47 employee.
Section 11.1.1. 15 In the event a formal investigatory interview will be conducted, the District will provide 17 employee and the Association President. 18 19 Disciplinary meetings will be held at a separate time. Twenty-four (24) hour written notice will 20 be given to the employee and the Association President prior to the disciplinary meeting.
Section 11.1.1. 16 Employees who change job classifications within the bargaining unit shall retain their hire dates in the 17 previous classification for a period of one (1) year, notwithstanding that they have acquired a new hire 18 date and a new classification.
Section 11.1.1. 39 As a general rule, the District will follow a progressive discipline procedure. This procedure 40 normally involves a verbal warning followed by a written reprimand, suspension without pay 41 and discharge. However, the district is not bound by a progressive discipline formula in cases 42 of serious offenses. Some offenses, such as stealing or using drugs or alcohol on the job, are 43 regarded as so serious that no specific warning or prior disciplinary action need precede 44 discharge. Employees are presumed to know that such serious offenses may lead directly to 45 discharge.
Section 11.1.1. 12 Disciplinary actions by the District will follow a policy of progressive discipline unless the 13 severity or nature of the employee's behavior warrants more serious and immediate actions.
Section 11.1.1. 32 In the event that two (2) or more employees have the same start date, seniority shall be 33 determined by the employee with the earliest hire date. Should two (2) or more employees 34 still have the same hire date, seniority shall be decided by lot.
Section 11.1.1. 33 The Administration shall determine the length of each shift. Pay will be granted for work 34 assignment and rest periods only, except as hereinafter provided. A fifteen (15) minute first 35 half and a fifteen (15) minute second half rest period will be allowed for employees assigned 36 more than seven (7) hours of work daily. 37 38 Section 11.1.2. 39 In the event an employee is assigned less than seven (7) hours daily, the employee shall be 40 given a fifteen (15) minute rest period during each three and one-half (3½) hours of work. 41 42 Section 11.1.3. 43 The work week shall be Saturday through Friday for payroll purposes. 44
Section 11.1.1. 26 All necessary employee contributions for the plans above shall be proportionately withheld from 27 the employee's paychecks for the year.
Section 11.1.1. 37 If the District has reason to reprimand an employee, it shall be done in a manner which will not 38 embarrass the employee before other employees or the public. Any meeting that may result in 39 disciplinary action by the District; the District must inform the employee that they may have 40 representation by another union employee and/or the Field Representative. 41