Seats Sample Clauses

Seats. The Employer will provide high-back air-ride seats in all new trac- tors and when replacing the driver seat in present tractor equip- ment. Such seats shall be maintained in a proper and reasonable condition. When replacing the seat cushion in package cars where the seat is attached to a post, the Employer will use the new soft ride cushion agreed to. When replacing the seat back, the Employer agrees to provide the new seat back with the adjustable lumbar support fea- ture. Seat backs will be replaced as needed subject to availability from the manufacturer. In all new P-32 through P-120 vehicles, the Employer agrees to provide multi-adjust seats.
Seats. Each member shall occupy a “Seat” at the meetings of the Network, which shall correspond to the Member’s particular profession, occupation, or specialty. Designation of Seats, and the filling thereof, shall be at the discretion of the Board. Member warrants and represents that Member: (a) is fully qualified; (b) holds all necessary governmental licenses and permits; (c) is in good standing with any regulatory authorities; and (d) carries liability insurance in customary form and amounts, all for the conduct of Member’s particular profession, occupation, or specialty
Seats. All seats shall be securely fastened. Seat belts, when required by the California Vehicle Code, shall be installed. The upholstery shall be free of grease, holes, rips, torn seams, and burns.
Seats. The Employer will provide air-ride seats in all new CSI tractors and straight trucks. In addition, where such seats exist, they shall be maintained in a proper and reasonable condition.
Seats. Seats shall be of adequate strength and firmly secured. 5.13(a) Handholds (minimum one):All boats must have at least one fixed handhold in a convenient location for the use of the observer. They shall be located to prevent entrapment of boat crew. 5.13(b)Footrests (minimum one):All boats must have an adequate footrest for the observer to be suitably located for bracing the observer within seat. They shall be firmly fixed and of such construction that the observer’s foot may not be caught underneath.
Seats. 8.1 Vehicles shall have a passenger seating capacity of not less than 4 persons and not more than 8 persons. 8.2 Each seat shall be fitted with fully operational seat belts, compliant with British Standards, except where the law specifically provides an exemption. 8.3 Each seat shall not be less than 406mm in width. 8.4 Where bench seats are provided, then the seat shall provide a minimum of 406mm seating space for each passenger i.e. a rear bench seat shall not be less than 1218 mm in order to accommodate 3 passengers. 8.5 Each row of seats made available shall have door access immediately adjacent to it unless access to rows of seats is by way of permanent passageway from such a door. 8.6 If a seat is to be removed to comply with this requirement, it shall be removed from the nearside of the vehicle, from the row of seats, which are situated behind the front passenger seat.
Seats. Front: Bucket seats, 45/45 or 40/40, heavy duty construction, cushion and backs; with a minimum space of 9 inches between the two seats to allow mounting of a radio console. Power seat adjuster, preferably six-way, shall be provided for the driver’s side only. Cushion to have a foam rubber pad. Seats to be installed in the chassis in the rearmost position. Rear: Standard as supplied for current models, rear bench excluding center arm rest.
Seats. Only one User can use a Seat at any given time. Multiple Users aren’t allowed to use the same Seat, and only one individual can be associated with a particular User account. If you want to swap out, delete, or suspend a User, you can do that, and then assign a new User to the open Seat. If you find that you need more Seats, you can order them on our website or with the help of our sales team (a new Order Form will be generated). If and when you add additional Seats to your license, you will pay Fees for those seats at the then-current price, prorated for the balance of the applicable License Term. When the time comes to renew your Seats for another License Term, we will invoice you for all of your Seats at once, at the then- current price. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time, but the new prices will not affect you until it is time to renew your license for another License Term. You agree that any orders that you make (or that you authorize us to make on your behalf) for additional Seats during the term of this Agreement will be governed by this Agreement.
Seats. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the EULAs, You may install the number of copies of the Software sufficient to distribute content up to the number of seats specified in the applicable Invoice. You may increase the number of seats by purchasing additional license rights from RealNetworks.
Seats. The number of Retailer personnel (“Seats”) to whom Retailer may provide an NPD-provided password (a “Password”) to access the Reports is 5. NPD will provide to Retailer a number of Passwords equal to this number of Seats. DecisionKey®, as applicable, is a proprietary web-based delivery tool of NPD.