Seats Sample Clauses

Seats. The Employer will provide high-back air-ride seats in all new trac- tors and when replacing the driver seat in present tractor equip- ment. Such seats shall be maintained in a proper and reasonable condition. When replacing the seat cushion in package cars where the seat is attached to a post, the Employer will use the new soft ride cushion agreed to. When replacing the seat back, the Employer agrees to provide the new seat back with the adjustable lumbar support fea- ture. Seat backs will be replaced as needed subject to availability from the manufacturer. In all new P-32 through P-120 vehicles, the Employer agrees to provide multi-adjust seats.
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Seats. The Employer will provide air-ride seats in all new CSI tractors and straight trucks. In addition, where such seats exist, they shall be maintained in a proper and reasonable condition.
Seats. Each member shall occupy a “Seat” at the meetings of the Network, which shall correspond to the Member’s particular profession, occupation, or specialty. Designation of Seats, and the filling thereof, shall be at the discretion of the Board. Member warrants and represents that Member: (a) is fully qualified; (b) holds all necessary governmental licenses and permits; (c) is in good standing with any regulatory authorities; and (d) carries liability insurance in customary form and amounts, all for the conduct of Member’s particular profession, occupation, or specialty
Seats. The number of Retailer personnel (“Seats”) to whom Retailer may provide an NPD-provided password (a “Password”) to access the Reports is 5. NPD will provide to Retailer a number of Passwords equal to this number of Seats. DecisionKey®, as applicable, is a proprietary web-based delivery tool of NPD.
Seats. 3.1. The Customer shall be allocated a Seat for each individual User and the type of Seat shall be as requested by the Customer when registering that User to use the Services.
Seats. Remember, only one User can use a Seat at a time. Multiple Users aren't allowed to use the same Seat, and only one human being can be associated with a particular User account. If you want to swap out, delete, or suspend a User, you can do that, and then assign a new User to the open Seat. If you find that you need more Seats, that's great – we're here to help! Additional seats may be purchased through execution of a GSA Customer Purchase Order at the price established on the GSA Schedule Price list, prorated for the balance of the applicable License Term.. You agree that any orders that you make (or that you authorize us to make on your behalf) for additional Seats during the term of this Agreement will be governed by this Agreement.
Seats. Company Standard: The average number of revenue seats installed in the aircraft for regular civil passenger operations.
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Seats. Commencing on the Closing Date, on a going-forward basis thereafter without expiration, Seller shall be entitled to receive, and Buyer shall provide to Seller, six (6) invitational seats per year for the WPT Celebrity Invitational, or, if such event is not held in a given year, a substantially similar event during such year. Any Tax consequences as a result of such arrangement, if any, shall be borne solely by Seller.
Seats. While the number of Seats you authorize is in Your discretion (subject to the Use Limits), You must allocate a Seat for any individuals who are authorized by You to use the Software and who have been supplied user identifications and passwords by You (or by Code Climate at Your request). Only one user account may be associated with a particular Seat. Only one person may use a user account; two or more people may not share a user account. If a user account is deleted, You may create a new user account associated with the corresponding Seat. You agree that Code Climate may monitor the number of Seats actually used by You during the applicable subscription term. Upon Code Climate's reasonable request (such request not to be made more than once during any 12-month period without good cause), You agree to promptly deliver to Code Climate (a) usage files and reports generated by the Software at Your direction verifying the number of Seats actually used by You during the applicable subscription term; and/or (b) a certification signed by one of Your officers regarding the number of Seats actually used by You during the applicable subscription term.
Seats. 3.1. The Customer acknowledges that each Seat will be allocated to an individual User. In order for Users to access the Services the Customer must purchase the appropriate number of Seats required. The sharing of Seats is expressly prohibited.
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