Revoked Sample Clauses

Revoked. 15.7 Transmission Losses: Transmission losses are associated with all Transmission Service. The Transmission Provider is not obligated to provide transmission losses. The Transmission Customer is responsible for replacing losses associated with Transmission Service as calculated by the Transmission Provider. The factor applicable to transmission losses is 3.63% of the maximum hourly transfer, as measured at the Point(s) of Delivery.
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Revoked. 2.4.7 The Lessor is constructing and/or undertakes to construct on the Land the Object of the Lease and the Attached Areas and to complete the construction thereof before the date of Delivery of Possession therein to the Lessee, at its own expense, in accordance with the plans, the specification, the sketch, the building permit, and pursuant to the provisions of any law.
Revoked. V.A.T. shall be added to the rent specified above in this section, against a due tax invoice, at the rate prevailing at the time each payment is effected (hereinafter: "the Rent in respect of the Additional Area").
Revoked. 14. Any waiver, extension or relief from either party will not be valid unless made out explicitly in writing.
Revoked. 19.2 As security for the fulfillment of the undertakings thereof, the Lessee hereby delivers to the Lessor an autonomous financial bank guarantee in the amount of NIS 1,154,130 (one million, one hundred fifty four thousand, one hundred and thirty New Israeli Shekels) (linked to the index), in the form of the document attached to this agreement as an integral part hereof and marked "Appendix F". The sum of the bank guarantee as of the date of signing of the agreement is equal to $240,360 in addition to V.A.T. (which are, at present, equal to six months' Monthly Rent). The Basic Index for the bank guarantee shall be 105.8 points (April 2000 index). The bank guarantee shall be in favor of the Lessor, and shall be valid for one year and three months from the date of signing of this agreement; the Lessee undertakes to extend the validity thereof so long as the Term of the Lease shall be in effect, for another year, in such a manner that there will always be such bank guarantee in favor of the Lessor, and that such bank guarantee shall be in effect for three months after expiration of the Term of the Lease. Extension of the bank guarantee must be carried out no later than two weeks prior to the expiration thereof. In the event that the Lessee shall fail to extend the validity thereof, the Lessor shall be entitled to exercise the same.

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  • Revocation Elsevier or Copyright Clearance Center may deny the permissions described in this License at their sole discretion, for any reason or no reason, with a full refund payable to you. Notice of such denial will be made using the contact information provided by you. Failure to receive such notice will not alter or invalidate the denial. In no event will Elsevier or Copyright Clearance Center be responsible or liable for any costs, expenses or damage incurred by you as a result of a denial of your permission request, other than a refund of the amount(s) paid by you to Elsevier and/or Copyright Clearance Center for denied permissions. LIMITED LICENSE The following terms and conditions apply only to specific license types:

  • Revocation of Agreement You acknowledge and understand that you may revoke this Agreement by faxing a written notice of revocation to the Company, Attention: Human Resources Department, at (000) 000-0000 any time up to seven (7) days after you sign it. After the revocation period has passed, however, you may no longer revoke your Agreement. IF EMPLOYEE IS UNDER 40 AT THE TIME OF TERMINATION, THE FOLLOWING SECTION 19 APPLIES:

  • Beneficiary Designation The Participant may, from time to time, in accordance with procedures set forth by the Committee, name any beneficiary or beneficiaries (who may be named contingently or successively) to whom any benefit under this Stock Agreement is to be paid in case of his or her death before he or she receives any or all of such benefit. Each such designation shall revoke all prior designations by the Participant, shall be in a form prescribed by the Company, and will be effective only when filed by the Participant in writing with the Committee during the Participant’s lifetime. In the absence of any such designation, benefits remaining unpaid at the Participant’s death shall be paid to the Participant’s estate or exercised by the Participant’s estate.

  • Beneficiary Designation: Change The Executive shall designate a Beneficiary by completing and signing the Beneficiary Designation Form and delivering it to the Plan Administrator or its designated agent. The Executive’s Beneficiary designation shall be deemed automatically revoked if the Beneficiary predeceases the Executive or if the Executive names a spouse as Beneficiary and the marriage is subsequently dissolved. The Executive shall have the right to change a Beneficiary by completing, signing, and otherwise complying with the terms of the Beneficiary Designation Form and the Plan Administrator’s rules and procedures, as in effect from time to time. Upon the acceptance by the Plan Administrator of a new Beneficiary Designation Form, all Beneficiary designations previously filed shall be cancelled. The Plan Administrator shall be entitled to rely on the last Beneficiary Designation Form filed by the Executive and accepted by the Plan Administrator before the Executive’s death.

  • Revocation Right Executive may revoke this Agreement within the seven day period beginning on the date Executive signs this Agreement (such seven day period being referred to herein as the “Release Revocation Period”). To be effective, such revocation must be in writing signed by Executive and must be received by the Chief Executive Officer of the Employer before 11:59 p.m., Central Standard Time, on the last day of the Release Revocation Period. This Agreement is not effective, and no consideration shall be paid to Executive, until the expiration of the Release Revocation Period without Executive’s revocation. If an effective revocation is delivered in the foregoing manner and timeframe, this Agreement shall be of no force or effect and shall be null and void ab initio. Executed on this day of , .

  • Revocation Period Executive has the right to revoke this Agreement for up to seven days after he signs it. In order to revoke this Agreement, Executive must sign and send a written notice of the decision to do so, addressed to [NAME] at [INSERT TITLE, AND ADDRESS], and that written notice must be received by Company no later than the eighth day after Executive signed this Agreement. If Executive revokes this Agreement, Executive will not be entitled to any of the consideration from Company described in paragraph 2 above.

  • Beneficiary Designations The Executive shall designate a beneficiary by filing a written designation with the Company. The Executive may revoke or modify the designation at any time by filing a new designation. However, designations will only be effective if signed by the Executive and accepted by the Company during the Executive's lifetime. The Executive's beneficiary designation shall be deemed automatically revoked if the beneficiary predeceases the Executive, or if the Executive names a spouse as beneficiary and the marriage is subsequently dissolved. If the Executive dies without a valid beneficiary designation, all payments shall be made to the Executive's estate.

  • Right of Revocation Guarantor understands and agrees that Guarantor may revoke its future obligations under this Guaranty at any time by giving Bank written notice that Guarantor will not be liable hereunder for any indebtedness or obligations of Borrower incurred on or after the effective date of such revocation. Such revocation shall be deemed to be effective on the day following the day Bank receives such notice delivered either by: (a) personal delivery to the address and designated department of Bank identified in subparagraph 1(a) above, or (b) United States mail, registered or certified, return receipt requested, postage prepaid, addressed to Bank at the address shown in subparagraph 1(a) above. Notwithstanding such revocation, Guarantor shall remain liable on its obligations hereunder until payment in full to Bank of (x) all of the Guaranteed Indebtedness that is outstanding on the effective date of such revocation, and any renewals and extensions thereof, and (y) all loans, advances and other extensions of credit made to or for the account of Borrower on or after the effective date of such revocation pursuant to the obligation of Bank under a commitment or agreement made to or with Borrower prior to the effective date of such revocation. The terms and conditions of this Guaranty, including without limitation the consents and waivers set forth in paragraph 7 hereof, shall remain in effect with respect to the Guaranteed Indebtedness described in the preceding sentence in the same manner as if such revocation had not been made by Guarantor.

  • BENEFICIARY DESIGNATION RIGHTS The Insured (or assignee) shall have the right and power to designate a beneficiary or beneficiaries to receive the Insured’s share of the proceeds payable upon the death of the Insured, and to elect and change a payment option for such beneficiary, subject to any right or interest the Bank may have in such proceeds, as provided in this Agreement.

  • No Revocation The voting agreements contained herein are coupled with an interest and may not be revoked during the term of this Agreement.