Tax Invoice definition

Tax Invoice means the document as required by Section 20 of the VAT Act, as may be amended from time to time;
Tax Invoice means the document as required by section 20 of the Value Added Tax Act 89 of 1991, as amended from time to time; and
Tax Invoice means a valid tax invoice as specified by section 24 of the GST Act;

Examples of Tax Invoice in a sentence

All Tax Invoices relating to Fees, out of pocket expenses and, if applicable, travel and accommodation costs, will provide the detail for each of the Personnel carrying out the Services and incurring the expenses, and the Tax Invoice will, where appropriate, include VAT as a separate item.

Where the payment of any Tax Invoice, or any part thereof which is not in dispute, is not made in accordance with this clause 12, the Service Provider shall be entitled to charge interest on the outstanding amount, at The Standard Bank of South Africa’s prime rate of interest in force, for the period from the due date of payment until the outstanding amount is paid.

Transnet shall pay such amounts to the Service Provider, upon receipt of a valid and undisputed Tax Invoice together with the supporting documentation as specified in the Work Order appended hereto, once the valid and undisputed Tax Invoices, or such portion of the Tax Invoices which are valid and undisputed become due and payable to the Service Provider for the provision of the Services, in terms of clause12.4 below.

The Vendor's/Bidder' s such liability for the delay in completing the work shall not in any case exceed 5 % of the contract price (To be adjusted against the Tax Invoice).

If Transnet does not issue a valid Tax Invoice to the Supplier for Non-compliance Penalties accrued during any relevant period, those Non-compliance Penalties shall be carried forward to the next period.

More Definitions of Tax Invoice

Tax Invoice means a document required to be issued under section 23;
Tax Invoice means a document provided as required by section 20;
Tax Invoice means a tax invoice compliant with the provisions under applicable Malaysian tax laws.
Tax Invoice means a tax invoice that complies with the GST Act.
Tax Invoice means a document listing goods sold with price, quantity and other details as specified in this Act and includes a statement of account, bill, cash register, slip, receipt or similar record, regardless of its form;
Tax Invoice means a valid tax invoice that meets the requirements of the legislation and any regulations governing the GST and any relevant requirements of the Australian Taxation Office (or other relevant administering body or person);
Tax Invoice means a valid tax invoice as specified by section 24 of the GST Act; "Temporary Disconnection" means an ICP is De-energised but there is no change to the status of the ICP in the Registry;