Beneficiary designation definition

Beneficiary designation means a writing executed by the Participant pursuant to the following rules:
Beneficiary designation means a testamentary or nontestamentary instrument or contract, other than an instrument creating a trust, naming the beneficiary of:

Examples of Beneficiary designation in a sentence

  • The consent of your Beneficiary is not required to change any Beneficiary unless the Beneficiary designation was irrevocable.

  • The Beneficiary designation shall be effective when it is submitted to and acknowledged by the Committee during the Participant's lifetime in the format prescribed by the Committee.

  • Beneficiary designation) and shall be exercisable during the lifetime of a Participant only by such Participant or his or her guardianor legal representative.

More Definitions of Beneficiary designation

Beneficiary designation means a document specifying the Beneficiary/Beneficiaries who is/are to receive any part of the Participant's Account in the event of the Participant's death.
Beneficiary designation means the form of written agreement, attached hereto as Annex II, by which the Participant names the Beneficiary(ies) of the Plan.
Beneficiary designation means an instrument, other than an instrument creating or amending a trust, naming the beneficiary of:
Beneficiary designation means the process that the retirement system prescribes pursuant to
Beneficiary designation means the written agreement, in the form attached hereto as Annex II, by which the Participant names his or her Beneficiary.
Beneficiary designation means the designation by an owner of a motor vehicle of a beneficiary of the vehicle as provided by Section 501.0315, Transportation Code.