Definition of Related Receivables

Related Receivables means, with respect to a Funding Date, the Receivables listed on Schedule A to the applicable Assignment executed and delivered by the Seller with respect to such Funding Date.

Examples of Related Receivables in a sentence

None of the Related Receivables are due from the United States of America or any State or from any agency, department, or instrumentality of the United States of America or any State.
It is the intention of the Seller that each transfer and assignment herein contemplated constitutes a sale of the Related Receivables and the related Other Conveyed Property from the Seller to the Purchaser and that the beneficial interest in and title to such Related Receivables and related Other Conveyed Property not be part of the Seller's estate in the event of the filing of a bankruptcy petition by or against the Seller under any bankruptcy law.
Revenue Recognition and Related Receivables Management fee receivables on the accompanying Balance Sheets represent receivables earned and billed, as well as earned but unbilled.
As of the related Cutoff Date, (a) there are no liens or claims existing or which have been filed for work, labor, storage or materials relating to Financed Equipment under any of the Related Receivables that are liens prior or equal to, the security interest in the Financed Equipment granted by the Related Receivable and (b) there is no lien filed against any Financed Equipment under a Related Receivable for delinquent taxes.
The Seller has not entered into any agreement with any account debtor that prohibits, restricts or conditions the assignment of any portion of the Related Receivables.