Resign Sample Clauses

Resign d. Be separated from employment. The Employer will provide non-monetary placement assistance to any employee who requests to be transferred under this Section. If an employee is rescheduled for and has begun but has not completed the training/testing within the 12-month period, the period will be extended until the completion of the rescheduled training/testing period.
Resign. At the time the employee is notified of the options listed above, they will also receive a 30- working day notice that their employment in the sworn classification will end. Police Department Management is willing to agree to an extension of this time period until such time as the employee’s application for retirement has been processed and concluded, so long as the employee applies for such retirement within 30 working days, and so long as no delays in processing the retirement are caused by the employee or their representative. The employee may continue to work during this process so long as they are able to perform in a light duty assignment.
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Resign. Members whose part-time assignment was eliminated and who have not previously held a full-time position in the District may apply for another open position. If the member is not offered another position, or chooses not to apply for another position, he/she shall resign. A change of assignment pursuant to this section above may take place prior to the posting of any vacancy.
Resign. An employee who chooses the PAR process waives their right to grieve a termination for performance reasons, unless the decision by the superintendent or their designee to terminate the employee was not supported by a majority vote of the PAR Panel.Note: If the employee does not choose one of the options above, they will automatically participate in the 90-Day Special Evaluation.
Resign c) Are laid off and does not return to work after one (1) year on the recall list.
Resign. 3. Are absent from work in excess of five (5) working days without notifying the Employer unless such notice was not reasonably possible.