Researchers Sample Clauses

Researchers. 1. The University and the Collaborator shall each assign the person set forth in Paragraph 4 of the Agreement Particulars as the participants in the Collaborative Research.
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Researchers the Research Leaders, principal investigators and other researchers involved in the Research Project.
Researchers. 1. The Parties shall each assign the persons set forth in Paragraph 6 of the Agreement Particulars as the researchers of the Collaborative Research.
Researchers. During the *** of the Research Term the Parties will dedicate *** to the Research Program and this number cannot be changed without agreement of the Parties. The Parties currently expect to dedicate an average of *** to the Research Program for the remainder of the Research Term. The number of FTEs will be reviewed by the JSC on a semi-annual basis and may be updated as necessary by the JSC. *** = Portions of this exhibit have been omitted pursuant to a request for confidential treatment. An unredacted version of this exhibit has been filed separately with the Commission.
Researchers. 1. The researchers involved in the Joint Research by UEC and Partner shall be the persons indicated in item 5 of the above table of agreement terms (hereinafter, “Researchers”), of which the Researchers from Partner who are to be engaged in this Joint Research in the facilities of UEC shall be accepted by UEC as private entity joint researchers (hereinafter, “Joint Researchers”). In such a case, Partner shall pay a research fee to UEC for accepting the Joint Researchers (hereinafter, “Joint Researcher Fees”).
Researchers. 4.1 The Research Institution shall procure the proper performance by the Lead Researcher and the Researchers of all of the obligations relating to use of the Data under this Agreement.
Researchers. APPENDIX A RESEARCHERS AND COMMITTEES contains a list of the Researchers participating in the Research Project as well as their complete coordinates and the duration of their participation. They have provided the Parties with an Undertaking to comply with this Agreement which includes a declaration concerning conflicts of interest. A model Undertaking and the signed Undertakings are appended to this Agreement. Contact person for the Research Team: Name and Coordinates for Contact Person In addition to the Researchers, a number of the Academic Institutions’ employees, consultants and associates including graduate and undergraduate students will be participating in the Research Project. Every year, upon request, the Researchers will provide the First Nation Health Board with the names of their employees, consultants, students and associates who shall be participating in the Research Project in the following year, to be confirmed at the end of the year. The Academic Institutions agree to ensure that such persons are informed of the obligations contained in the agreement, in particular with respect to confidentiality, and that they sign a commitment of the type included in APPENDIX A prior to participating in the Research Project. The signed commitment shall be sent to the other parties (electronically or otherwise). The Academic Institutions agree that they are responsible for any failure on the part of such persons in this regard. Other people participating on a very temporary basis in the Research Project (for example if they are present at a meeting of Research Project) may be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement of the type listed in APPENDIX A.
Researchers. 4.1 The researcher directing USM’s activities for the Project shall be *** (hereinafter referred to as “USM Researcher”) and the USM Researcher may be assisted by other researcher(s) as appointed by USM (hereinafter referred to as “USM Co-Researcher”). In the event the USM Researcher and/or the USM Co-Researcher is unable to serve for the Project, USM shall be entitled to nominate an alternate researcher to act as USM Researcher and/or USM Co-Researcher to carry out USM’s roles and responsibilities under this Agreement.
Researchers. The Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives invests a lot of time and money to ensure that the collection is accessible to the public now and in the future. We rely on people accessing our collection to help us to ensure its survival for future researchers by upholding the following guidelines.
Researchers. The researchers group is a general group consisting of people from different domains, similarly to the model providers. Their main goal into the CHIC platform is to find available models and data sets that relate to their scientific research, to combine those models, forming hypermodels (integrative models) and to execute them. Their main concerns relate to the scientifically sound outcome of this integrative approach and all the related engineering aspects in order to achieve this task.