Research institution definition

Research institution means New Mexico institute of mining and technology, New Mexico state university and the university of New Mexico.
Research institution means any organization, centre or place whether public or private in which research of any kind is conducted or undertaken by any person, consortium or institute, and which is registered under this Act;
Research institution means the institution or

Examples of Research institution in a sentence

  • Research institution whose technology and package of practices areproposed to be followed3.

  • The collection and analysis of data for assessment of ecological damage, preparation of remediation plan and natural and community resource augmentation plan shall be done by an environmental laboratory duly notified under Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, or a environmental laboratory accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories, or a laboratory of a Council of Scientific and Industrial Research institution working in the field of environment.

  • In this case, the grant will be administered through the Research institution of the lead applicant only.

  • Applications are welcome from researchers working in public health that are affiliated to a recognised Research institution, academia, charitable organisations and private companies, such as drug companies.

  • Department universities, Biotech companies, Research institution & pharmaceutical laboratories or reputed private sector during last three years).

More Definitions of Research institution

Research institution means any institution conducting research into any matter referred to in Schedule 1, and includes any person who conducts such research;
Research institution means a body of persons, whether corporate or unincorporate or other organisation, or ministry or department of the Government who or which —
Research institution means an institution of higher education,
Research institution means an institution or entity that—
Research institution means an academic, non-profit research institution or hospital that conducts Discovery or Development activities on behalf of or in collaboration with Alnylam and to which Alnylam does not grant any Commercialization rights under Alnylam Intellectual Property with respect to any RNAi Compounds or RNAi Products provided by Alnylam or Discovered or Developed in the course of such Discovery or Development activities.
Research institution means the natural or legal entity(ies) designated in the research contract which the federal unit binds with respect to the research goods/services defined therein.
Research institution means the institution that will be administering the research award during the life of the award on behalf of the Award Recipient.