Independent Inspector definition

Independent Inspector means a qualified third-party petroleum inspection contractor acceptable to both parties providing petroleum sampling, measurement and other services before, during and after a Delivery.
Independent Inspector means a licensed Person who performs sampling, quality analysis and quantity determination of the Product received or delivered.
Independent Inspector means an independent, recognised, person or firm, of first class and good international reputation, that is qualified to sample and test the quality and quantity of Sulphur, who shall be appointed by the Seller but mutually acceptable to the Parties, acting reasonably and appointed in accordance with Clause 4;

Examples of Independent Inspector in a sentence

  • All samples, measurements, and determination samples as provided in this Agreement shall be drawn, taken, and made under the supervision of the Independent Inspector, who shall attend Deliveries of the Product as designated by the Parties or as otherwise provided for in this Agreement.

  • The quality of the Product Delivered by Pipeline Delivery shall be determined on the basis of a volumetric weighted average composite of samples drawn by the Independent Inspector from Seller’s issuing tank(s) in such manner as to be representative of each individual Pipeline Delivery (“Tank Final Sample”).

  • Seller agrees to provide Hawaiian Electric and the Independent Inspector with the Certificate of Quality representing the samples of LSFO and will make a good faith effort to provide this Certificate of Quality no later than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the commencement of the Pipeline Delivery.

  • The Companies and Seller mutually shall agree on the appointment of the Independent Inspector and such agreement shall not be unreasonably withheld by either Party.

  • All charges for services rendered by the Independent Inspector shall be borne equally by the Companies and Seller except as otherwise provided in this Agreement.

More Definitions of Independent Inspector

Independent Inspector means a company that is approved by US Customs and Border Protection and that is mutually acceptable to the Parties for reporting the measurement of quality and quantity of Oil.
Independent Inspector means the firm which will be retained by BANK, at BORROWER's cost, to conduct on site inspections of the work-in-progress on the PROJECT, and to issue periodic reports to BANK as to the progress of construction and adherence to the PLANS. The BANK's selection of the INDEPENDENT INSPECTOR shall be subject to BORROWER's approval, which approval will not be unreasonably withheld.
Independent Inspector means a duly licensed person or firm, appointed as agreed by Seller and Buyer, that performs a quantity or quality determination with respect to the Products received or delivered hereunder.
Independent Inspector means an independent third party inspection company that is generally recognized in the petroleum industry as experienced in measuring the quantity and quality of petroleum products. Unless specifically provided otherwise in this Agreement, the Parties shall mutually appoint the Independent Inspector and the costs thereof shall be included in the calculation of the Transfer Price.
Independent Inspector means a licensed internationally recognized independent inspectorappointed by the mutual agreement of the Parties who performs sampling, quality analysis and quantity determination of the Product received or delivered pursuant to a Transaction.