Radio Sample Clauses

Radio. In the event the Company intends to produce radio programs, it agrees to use the appropriate Guild personnel at rates of pay and under terms and conditions not less than those contained in the Freelance Radio Agreement.
Radio. Each institution owns its radio rights and all revenues collected from sale of those rights. The visiting institution will be provided outlets in the visiting institution radio room on the press box level of the stadium for coverage. Additional request shall be approved through the home institution’s Media Relations Office.
Radio. During the term of the Agreed Order, in the event that the Bank uses radio advertising for any purpose, the Bank shall place radio advertisements on at least one African-American-oriented radio station serving Indianapolis-Xxxxxx County. The radio advertising shall contain information contained in other radio advertisements. The Bank retains the discretion to determine the content and frequency of such radio spots subject to the standards set forth above and to place such advertising on additional stations, as necessary.
Radio. Vehicle operators are required to make sure the radio is working properly before taking the vehicle into revenue mode. The radio shall only be used in safe situations while driving in a congested or demanding situation the operator must avoid using the radio. The drivers will be disciplined if they use abusive or unprofessional language on the radio.
Radio. The right to, and to permit others to, transmit, re-transmit, distribute or otherwise disseminate or exploit any audio-only content, including audio-only tracks of the Licensed Content (other than Novelas) by means of Radio;
Radio. Newswriters assigned by the Company to write a radio network commercial news program, except programs covered by Paragraph D below, shall receive commercial fees for the writing of such program, according to the following schedule: Program Length Commercial Fee 0 to 5 minutes $ 4.50 Over 5 to 10 minutes $ 7.25 Over 10 to 15 minutes $10.50 Over 15 to 30 minutes $17.00 Over 30 minutes $25.50
Radio. The following Sponsor commercials shall be played on Team’s preseason and regular season radio programming:
Radio. The Campaign shall include the following radio component:
Radio. When acting in its capacity as a regional radio board and as the successor to the Metropolitan Radio Board, or as a regional emergency communication board, the Board has the powers necessary and convenient to discharge the duties imposed on it by law, including the duty to implement, maintain, and operate regional and local improvements to the statewide, shared, trunked radio and communication system provided for in Minnesota Statutes, Section 403.36. The Board shall also have the powers of a regional radio board provided by Minnesota Statutes, Section 403.39.
Radio. The Visiting Institution shall be provided space for one radio broadcast outlet for the non-exclusive regional terrestrial radio broadcast by the Visiting Institution’s flagship station and terrestrial distribution on the Visiting Institution’s regional network of terrestrial radio stations. All other radio rights and fees are property of the Home Institution.