Union Bulletin Board Sample Clauses

Union Bulletin Board. The Employer will provide bulletin board facilities for the exclusive use of the Union, the site to be determined by mutual agreement. The use of such bulletin board facilities shall be restricted to the business affairs of the Union.
Union Bulletin Board. The Employer shall provide a Union bulletin board. The board shall be for the sole and exclusive use of the Union. The Union shall be responsible to ensure that only appropriate material is posted on the bulletin board.
Union Bulletin Board. The Borough agrees to provide a bulletin board in a conspicuous place in each facility where employees report to work. Postings by the Union on such bulletin boards are to be confined to official business of the Union.
Union Bulletin Board. The Employer agrees to extend to the Union the use of a bulletin board in each store for the posting of the following notices:
Union Bulletin Board. Due to the nature of the business and the lack of a regular point of assembly that can be used for the purposes of a bulletin board, the Employer agrees to distribute Union information and notices in conjunction with the member's paycheques. Such information shall be provided by the Area Office.
Union Bulletin Board. A reasonable portion of the Employer’s current bulletin board will be allocated to the Union for the posting of Employer/Union business only.
Union Bulletin Board. 23.01 The Centre will erect in a convenient location to be approved by the Executive Director a bulletin board for notices, such notices to be posted after approval given by the Executive Director.