At the Closing Sample Clauses

At the Closing. (i) The Company and the Purchaser shall execute this Agreement, which shall serve as evidence of ownership of the Shares, free from restrictions on transfer except as set forth in this Agreement. Subsequent to the Closing, at a time chosen by the Company in its sole discretion, the Company will issue a stock certificate to the Purchaser to evidence the Shares.
At the Closing. (a) Sellers will deliver to Buyer:
At the Closing. (i) the Sellers shall deliver to the Buyer the various certificates, instruments and documents referred to in Section 5.1;
At the Closing. At the Closing, this Agreement may be terminated and abandoned:
At the Closing. (i) Seller shall transfer to Buyer, good and marketable title to the Seller's Common Stock, free and clear of any and all liens, claims, encumbrances and adverse interests of any kind, by delivering to Escrow Agent the certificates representing the Seller's Common Stock in negotiable form, duly endorsed in blank, or with stock transfer powers attached thereto;
At the Closing. (a) Seller shall deliver to Buyer (together referred to as "Seller's Closing Documents"):
At the Closing. Seller will cause Intercable to sign and -------- deliver to Buyer, a Guaranty in the form of EXHIBIT D.
At the Closing. (i) The Seller shall deliver to the Issuer certificates representing the Shares, duly endorsed in form for transfer to the Issuer.