Definition of Tenant Leases

Tenant Leases means leases, subleases, licenses or other use agreements between Seller and tenants with respect to Real Property, if any.

Examples of Tenant Leases in a sentence

Other than the Tenant Leases, there are no subleases relating to any Branch created or suffered to exist by Seller.
Buyer shall cooperate with Seller after the Closing Date to collect any rent under the Tenant Leases which has accrued as of the Closing Date; provided, however, Buyer shall not be obligated to sue any tenants or exercise any legal remedies under the Tenant Leases or to incur any expense over and above its own regular collection expenses.
Any rents and other amounts prepaid, accrued or due and payable under the Tenant Leases shall be prorated as of the Cut-Off Time between Seller and Purchaser.
Schedule 7.1.(h) is, as of the Agreement Date, a true, correct and complete listing of all Material Contracts (other than Tenant Leases).
Upon completion of the Closing, Seller will deliver to Purchaser possession of the Real Property and Improvements, subject to the Tenant Leases and the Permitted Exceptions.