Escrow Holder definition

Escrow Holder means the bank or trust company designated as such pursuant to Section 9 hereof.
Escrow Holder has the meaning set forth in Section 4.1.

Examples of Escrow Holder in a sentence

  • The Shares of Restricted Stock will be held by the Escrow Holder until such time as the Shares of Restricted Stock vest or the date Participant ceases to be a Service Provider.

  • The pledges and liens provided for herein shall become valid and binding upon the issuance of the Refunding Bonds and the moneys and investments held by the Escrow Holder shall immediately be subject thereto without any further act.

  • If Escrow Holder shall require further Escrow instructions, Escrow Holder may prepare such instructions on its usual form.

  • Purchaser and the Company agree that Escrow Holder will not be liable to any party to this Exercise Agreement (or to any other party) for any actions or omissions unless Escrow Holder is grossly negligent or intentionally fraudulent in carrying out the duties of Escrow Holder under this Exercise Agreement.

  • Escrow Holder may rely upon any letter, notice or other document executed with any signature purported to be genuine and may rely on the advice of counsel and obey any order of any court with respect to the transactions contemplated by this Agreement and will not be liable for any act or omission taken by Escrow Holder in good faith reliance on such documents, the advice of counsel or a court order.

More Definitions of Escrow Holder

Escrow Holder. As defined in Section 3.1.
Escrow Holder means a third party to whom money, documents, instruments or other property is delivered for subsequent delivery or disbursement in accordance with the escrow agreement.
Escrow Holder means First American Title Insurance Company, as escrow agent for this transaction, whose address is: 500 X. Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxx Xxxx, 00000, Attention: Txxxx Xxxxxx.
Escrow Holder means the Title Company.
Escrow Holder shall have the meaning provided for under Section 2.1(b).
Escrow Holder means First American Title Company.