Bidding Phase Sample Clauses

Bidding Phase. 3.5.1 OWNER will make Contract Documents available to Bidders. OWNER will determine cost and other terms. OWNER will direct bidding of Contracts (informal, formal, multiple or single prime construction contracts).
Bidding Phase. Upon District’s acceptance of Architect’s work in the previous Phase and assuming District has not delayed or terminated the Agreement, the Architect shall perform Bidding Phase services for District as follows:
Bidding Phase. Upon notification of the Owner's approval of the Services performed by the Architect under the Construction Documents Phase, and upon written authorization from the Owner to proceed, the Architect shall:
Bidding Phase. 3.1 The Borrower invites potential Lenders to submit offers for granting subordinated loans to the Borrower. The Borrower shall take out subordinated loans from the Lenders for the scope of the real estate development project in question, at most up to the funding limit specified in Sec. 1.
Bidding Phase. 5.1. In accordance with the District-approved bidding procedures, conduct pre-bid conferences to familiarize bidders with the bidding documents, and any special systems, materials or methods and with Project procedures. Field questions from bidders, referring questions to design professional(s) and District as required. Coordinate with design professional(s)’ to respond to bidder questions by addenda.
Bidding Phase a. The Professional Services Consultant shall assist the Owner in advertising and receipt of bids, and shall participate in pre-bid conferences at a date, time and place established by the Owner. The Professional Services Consultant shall select and require a printing service that provides free electronic viewing of the project manual and all addenda with registration by potential bidders prior to accessing the documents. Owner may periodically request list of registrants who have accessed the documents during the bidding process.