Pilot Programs Sample Clauses

Pilot Programs. The Employer may develop voluntary pilot programs to test the acceptability of various risk management programs. Incentives for participation in such programs may include limited short-term improvements to the benefits outlined in this Article. Implementation of such pilot programs is subject to the review and approval of the Joint Labor-Management Committee on Health Plans.
Pilot Programs. Progress towards developing and testing, when feasible, pilot programs that support Affordable Care Act activities, such as the State’s Medicare-Medicaid integration project to allow for more efficient and effective management of dually eligible ALTCS EPD beneficiaries.
Pilot Programs. The District shall have the right to experiment with pilot programs designed to provide efficiencies in custodial work, including work team configurations. Employees involved in pilot programs will be treated equitably under the terms of the contract and will not be expected to work out of scope. Where the conditions of the pilot program are not covered in the bargaining agreement, the District and the Union will meet and confer concerning such matters. Should the District determine that a pilot program is to be implemented on a regular basis during the term of this contract, the District and the Union will negotiate necessary and appropriate matters related to the adoption of a pilot program as a regular program. In the event of a failure to reach agreement, the conditions of the contract will prevail.
Pilot Programs. (a) MMBC may wish to test or implement one or more new services or developments in PPP material segregation, processing, or collection technology. MMBC will notify Contractor in writing at least 90 days prior of its intention to implement a pilot program or of its intentions to utilize a new technology system in a Service Area. The costs (or savings) accrued by MMBC-initiated pilot programs will be negotiated prior to implementation pursuant to the change process in Section 2.2 of the main body of the Agreement. If MMBC deems the pilot a success, and desires to incorporate the service or development represented in the pilot program into this SOW, such a change will be made pursuant to the change process in Section 2.2 of the main body of the Agreement.
Pilot Programs. Progress towards developing and testing, when feasible, pilot programs that support Affordable Care Act-defined “medical homes,” “accountable care organizations,” and / or “person-centered health homes” to allow for more efficient and effective management of the highest risk individuals.
Pilot Programs. Pilot Programs initiated on behalf of the Board shall not be implemented unless the consent of the majority of the teachers to be involved therein is obtained. Where a Pilot Program requires conferences or meetings beyond the contractual school day, members shall be paid at the summer school hourly rate.
Pilot Programs. Any employee voluntarily accepting a new position in a pilot program during the school year may be required to attend additional In-service orientations and work-study programs.
Pilot Programs. Teachers shall be provided a stipend, as determined by the Teaching and Learning Team, when piloting district curriculum programs. State pilot programs will not be funded by the District. The District will determine which programs are considered “pilots.” Association-Board Contractual Relations
Pilot Programs. C401 Pilot Programs Pilot Programs may not be Broadcast to the public generally but may be heard by prospective sponsors and/or a studio/non-broadcast audience for evaluation purposes only. Each Performer on such pilot shall be paid one-half (½) the program rate applicable to the Performer’s category. Included rehearsal shall be the full number of hours included in the program minimum fee, and extra rehearsal required shall be paid at the full extra rehearsal rate. However, any such Pilot Program subsequently Broadcast will be adjusted to not less than the applicable fee.
Pilot Programs. At the request of the DEPARTMENT, the CONTRACTOR shall enter into a pilot or limited-term trial. See Section 215C. 135C Recovery of Overpayments‌ The CONTRACTOR shall have procedures to recover or collect overpayments made under this AGREEMENT, including those payments made for an ineligible person. 135D Subrogation and Other Payers‌ The CONTRACTOR shall correspond with PARTICIPANTS to obtain any required additional information and to determine whether other coverage for the claim exists under subrogation rights or other payers such as worker’s compensation, insurance contracts, or government-sponsored benefit programs. 135E Amounts Owed by Contractor‌ Funds owed to the BOARD must be paid within thirty (30) calendar DAYS from notification of penalties or monies owed. The CONTRACTOR has thirty (30) calendar DAYS to document any dispute of amounts owed. After thirty (30) DAYS, the DEPARTMENT may collect owed funds by deducting the amounts from the payments made to the CONTRACTOR, and the CONTRACTOR may be subject to further penalties. 135F Automated Clearinghouse (ACH)‌ The CONTRACTOR shall support an ACH mechanism that allows for the DEPARTMENT to submit premium payments.