Position Title Sample Clauses

Position Title. As a (“Position”), the Employee is required to perform all of their necessary job functions and duties, and all other duties that may be assigned to Employee from time to time by Employer. This is a ☐ Part- Time ☐ Full-Time position with the expectation that the Employee will devote hours per week to the Position. This may change from time to time as the Employer sees fit.
Position Title. As a [Input Job Title], the Contractor is required to perform all of their necessary job functions and duties as defined in the contract section titled, Responsibilities. This is a [full-time/part-time] position, expected to average [xx] hours per week. [Revise this sentence if project deliverables are used to determine project success and payment in lieu of work hours.]
Position Title. The employee is appointed to the position of insert position title.
Position Title. Your title will be Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer of the Company, reporting to the Chief Executive Officer of the Company or such other senior executive officer of the Company as the Chief Executive Officer may designate. In this capacity, you will have the duties, authorities and responsibilities as designated from time to time by the Chief Executive Officer or his designee, commensurate with your position. You shall devote substantially all of your business time and attention and your best efforts to the performance of your duties and responsibilities hereunder. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may participate in charitable, academic or community activities (including service on charitable boards), and in trade or professional organizations; provided that all of your activities do not otherwise interfere with your duties and responsibilities to the Company. At all times during your employment with the Company, you agree to adhere to all of the Company’s written policies, rules and regulations governing the conduct of its employees that are provided to you, including without limitation, any compliance manual, code of ethics and employee handbook and other policies adopted by the Company from time to time.