Ownership and Copyright Sample Clauses

Ownership and Copyright. All work product, information data, or documents produced hereunder by the Consultant and his subconsultants shall be delivered to Regents, and title thereto shall vest in Regents regardless of the stage to which the development of the study may have progressed. In addition, the Consultant hereby expressly assigns, transfers and otherwise quitclaims to the Regents, its heirs and assigns forever, all right, title and interest, including all copyrights and all termination/renewal rights is such copyrights and all causes of action accruing under such copyrights, in all studies, study calculations, drawings, specifications, other data, embodiments of such studies, documents or other works of authorship produced hereunder by the Consultant, his employees, and his subconsultants. The Consultant further warrants that this transfer of copyrights and other rights is valid against the world. Finally, reproducible copies of all work products and other technical data shall be furnished to the Regents without cost whether the work for which they are made be executed or not. The Consultant may make and retain for its use such additional copies as it may desire. Notwithstanding the rights, ownership, grants, assignments, transfers, and quitclaims set forth herein, the Regents expressly grants, assigns, and transfers a permanent and exclusive license to the Design Professional, its successors, and assigns, for the Design Professional’s Instruments of Service, and to each consultant (including the consultant’s successors and assigns) of the Design Professional for such consultant’s Instruments of Service, to use, reproduce, sell, transfer, and accomplish derivative works therefrom, for any and all purposes.
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Ownership and Copyright. Title to the Licensed Software, related documentation and all copies thereof remain with ST and/or its licensors. You may not remove the copyrights notices from the Licensed Software and to any copies of the Licensed Software. You agree to prevent any unauthorized copying of the Licensed Software and related documentation.
Ownership and Copyright. The Licensee agrees that the Fonts are owned by the Foundry or its designer as implied on the Foundry’s website, and that its structure, or- ganisation and code are valuable intellectual property information of the aforementioned par- ties. No transfer of ownership will occur under this Agreement. The Licensee acknowledges that the Fonts are protected by the laws of Finland, by the copy- right and design laws of other nations, and by international treaties. This Agreement does not give the Licensee the copyright to the design of the Fonts, but solely the right to use the Fonts according to the terms of this Agreement.
Ownership and Copyright. All Software is the property of Highsoft and is protected by copyright law as well as other statutory and non-statutory intellectual property law. Highsoft product names and signs are owned by Highsoft and protected under trademark law, both as registered trademarks and through use. All title and copyrights in and to Software, trademarks and accompanying materials and rights are and shall remain owned fully and solely by Highsoft, and nothing herein shall involve or imply any transfer of such ownership or rights. Through this Agreement, Software is licensed, not sold. Highsoft reserves all rights not expressly granted to Licensee in this Agreement. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Licensee acknowledges and agrees that: (a) except as specifically set forth in this Agreement, Highsoft retains all right, title and interest in and to Software, and Licensee does not acquire any right, title or interest to Software except as set forth herein; (b) any configuration or deployment of Software shall not affect or diminish Highsoft’s rights, title or interest in and to Software. Except as stated in the foregoing subsection, nothing in this Agreement shall limit in any way Highsoft’s right to develop, use, license, create derivative works of, or otherwise exploit Software, or to permit Third Parties to do so.
Ownership and Copyright. Title to the Evaluation Board remains with ST and/or its licensors. You may not remove any copyright or other proprietary rights notices without prior written authorization from ST. You may make one copy of the software and/or firmware of the Evaluation Board for back up or archival purposes provided that You reproduce and apply to such copy any copyright or other proprietary rights notices included on or embedded in the software and/or firmware. You agree to prevent any unauthorized copying in whole or in part of the Evaluation Board.
Ownership and Copyright. The Software and all intellectual property rights in it are and will at all times remain the sole property of Enfocus and/or its third party licensors. You will not remove any proprietary notice or other legend from the Software and You will reproduce those notices and legends on any copies or partial copies that You are permitted to make.
Ownership and Copyright. Title to the Licensed Software, related documentation and all copies thereof remain with ST and/or its licensors. You may not remove the copyrights notices from the Licensed Software and to any copies of SLA0055 SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT ("Agreement") the Licensed Software. You agree to prevent any unauthorized copying of the Licensed Software and related documentation. You grants to ST and its Affiliates a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty free, fully paid up, sub-licensable and transferable license to use, copy, modify and distribute any Feedback You may have. You agree that no press releases or announcements or any marketing, advertising or other promotional materials related to this Agreement or referencing or implying ST or its trade names, trademarks, or service marks can be released without ST prior written approval.
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Ownership and Copyright. You acknowledge that any and all information, content, reports, data, databases, graphics, interfaces, web pages, text, files, software, product names, School names, trade-marks, logos and trade names contained on this web site (collectively the "Content") including the manner in which the Content is presented or appears and all information relating thereto, are the property of their respective owners as indicated, the School or its licensors, as the case may be.
Ownership and Copyright. The documents created in pursuit of the Service, are the property of the Agent and shall not be used for any work other than the Project without prior written approval of the Agent. The copyright of all documents prepared by the Agent in connection with the Contract rests with the Agent.
Ownership and Copyright. (a) The Lender hereby warrants that it is the owner or authorized possessor of the work being loaned and has authority to loan such work to the City. If the Lender knows of any special conditions governing the ownership of the work such as copyrights, liens, etc., the Lender will inform the City promptly.
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