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Copyright Law. If you do anything with the The NFT and Associated Content without permission from the copyright owner (in this case, the Creator), you risk being in violation of copyright law, and such unpermitted use or exploitation may result in infringement of the Creator’s intellectual property and/or moral rights. All of the rules and regulations established by copyright law apply to the content of your NFT in the same way as they are applied to tangible, physical works of art.
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Copyright Law. The United States Copyright Law of 1976, as amended.
Copyright Law. The Photographer owns all copyrights and ownership of all images created and has the exclusive and unrestricted right to make reproductions to promote the business advertising, brochures, magazine articles, websites, exhibitions, competitions, sample albums and prints, and other such materials. Client is not allowed to copy, scan, download, print, share, alter, or reproduce any images from their online gallery, Photographer’s website or other materials including printed products ordered through Photographer it is illegal and considered stealing and against copyright laws, regardless of the intent of use. Even though the pictures may be of you or your pet the Photographer still owns all copyrights and ownership to all images. This contract does not provide the Client with any ownership or rights to use digital image files.
Copyright Law. No copyrighted musical composition shall be played or sung, whether amplified, televised, in the form of a mechanical recording or personal rendition, or otherwise, in connection with any use of the Facility, unless Client shall have first obtained all approvals and paid any license fee or other fee required by the copyright owner. No copyrighted written or other material shall be displayed at the Facilities without appropriate license rights with respect thereto.
Copyright Law. If Customer believes, or is notified that any information on the SaaS Solution infringes on a copyright, you should notify Azolve as per the Notice of Infringement.
Copyright Law. Compassion Collaborative assumes no responsibility for the proper and legal use of any copyright material used in conjunction with your event.
Copyright Law. The Cranbrook Archives assumes no responsibility for the determination of copyright status or copyright infringement. The patron is held entirely responsible for adhering to applicable copyright laws as they apply to the materials being photographed.
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Copyright Law. (a) For purposes of registering the copyright to the Composition, the term "Writer" as used herein shall include all the persons who are an author of the Composition, as listed above, as well as the Writer who executed this Agreement including legal heirs and representatives, and the covenants herein contained shall be deemed to be both joint and several by each of such persons.

Related to Copyright Law

  • Copyright 19.1 The copyright in all drawings, documents, and other materials containing data and information furnished to the Procuring Entity by the Supplier herein shall remain vested in the Supplier, or, if they are furnished to the Procuring Entity directly or through the Supplier by any third party, including suppliers of materials, the copyright in such materials shall remain vested in such third party.

  • Copyrights As to any deliverables containing copyrightable subject matter, the Contractor agrees that upon their creation, such deliverables shall be considered as work made-for-hire by the Contractor for the City and the City shall own all copyrights in and to such deliverables, provided however, that nothing in this Paragraph 38 shall negate the City’s sole or joint ownership of any such deliverables arising by virtue of the City’s sole or joint authorship of such deliverables. Should by operation of law, such deliverables not be considered works made-for-hire, the Contractor hereby assigns to the City (and agrees to cause each of its employees providing services to the City hereunder to execute, acknowledge, and deliver an assignment to the City of) all worldwide right, title, and interest in and to such deliverables. With respect to such work made- for-hire, the Contractor agrees to execute, acknowledge, and deliver and cause each of its employees providing services to the City hereunder to execute, acknowledge, and deliver a work- made-for-hire agreement, in a form to be reasonably approved by the City, to the City upon delivery of such deliverables to the City or at such other time as the City may request.

  • Copyright/Trademark/Patent Consultant understands and agrees that all matters produced under this Agreement shall become the property of District and cannot be used without District's express written permission. District shall have all right, title and interest in said matters, including the right to secure and maintain the copyright, trademark and/or patent of said matter in the name of the District. Consultant consents to use of Consultant's name in conjunction with the sale, use, performance and distribution of the matters, for any purpose and in any medium.

  • PATENT, TRADEMARK AND COPYRIGHT INDEMNITY Seller will indemnify, defend and hold harmless Buyer and its customer from all claims, suits, actions, awards (including, but not limited to, awards based on intentional infringement of patents known at the time of such infringement, exceeding actual damages and/or including attorneys' fees and/or costs), liabilities, damages, costs and attorneys' fees related to the actual or alleged infringement of any United States or foreign intellectual property right (including, but not limited to, any right in a patent, copyright, industrial design or semiconductor mask work, or based on misappropriation or wrongful use of information or documents) and arising out of the manufacture, sale or use of products by either Buyer or its customer. Buyer and/or its customer will duly notify Seller of any such claim, suit or action; and Seller will, at its own expense, fully defend such claim, suit or action on behalf of indemnitees. Seller will have no obligation under this article with regard to any infringement arising from (a) Seller's compliance with formal specifications issued by Buyer where infringement could not be avoided in complying with such specifications or (b) use or sale of products in combination with other items when such infringement would not have occurred from the use or sale of those products solely for the purpose for which they were designed or sold by Seller. For purposes of this article only, the term Buyer will include The Boeing Company and all Boeing subsidiaries and all officers, agents and employees of Boeing or any Boeing subsidiary.

  • COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARKS i. All title, trademarks and copyrights in and pertaining to the SOFTWARE PRODUCT (including but not limited to any images, photographs, animation, video, audio, Music, text, and applets incorporated into the SOFTWARE PRODUCT), the accompanying, printed materials and any copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT are owned by Neumetrix Limited or its affiliated companies or suppliers. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is protected by copyright and trademark laws and international treaty provisions. You must treat the SOFTWARE PRODUCT like any other copyrighted material for archival purposes only. You may not copy the printed materials accompanying the SOFTWARE PRODUCT.

  • Grant of Copyright License Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, You hereby grant to OIDF and to recipients of software distributed by OIDF a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable copyright license to reproduce, prepare derivative works of, publicly display, publicly perform, sublicense, and distribute Your Contributions and such derivative works.

  • COPYRIGHT NOTICE The placement of a copyright notice on any Confidential Information will not be construed to mean that such information has been published and will not release the other Party from its obligation of confidentiality hereunder.

  • Copyrights and Trademarks The Client represents to Developer and unconditionally guarantees that any elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork furnished to Developer for inclusion in web pages are owned by the Client, or that the Client has permission from the rightful owner to use each of these elements, and will hold harmless, protect, and defend Developer and its subcontractors from any claim or suit arising from the use of such elements furnished by the Client.

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