Monthly Rate definition

Monthly Rate means with respect to each Calculation Period during a Monthly Rate Period, a rate of interest equal to the rate of interest per annum established and certified to the Trustee (with a copy to the Authority, the Registrar and Paying Agent, and the Company) by the Remarketing Agent no later than 12:00 noon (New York City time) on and as of the Determination Date as the minimum rate of interest per annum which, in the opinion of the Remarketing Agent, would be necessary on and as of such day to remarket Bonds in a secondary market transaction at a price equal to the principal amount thereof; provided that such rate of interest shall not exceed the lesser of 110% of the Monthly Rate Index on and as of such date and the Maximum Allowed Rate.
Monthly Rate means the rate of interest to be borne by any of the 202_ Series - Bonds as described in Section C202 hereof.
Monthly Rate. Annual Salary" as described in this Article divided by twelve (12).

Examples of Monthly Rate in a sentence

  • The Monthly Rate applies during the Initial Term (inclusive of the Phase I Development Holding Period and the Phase II Occupancy Period) and any Extension Term(s).

  • PRICE - The Fixed Hourly Rate and Fixed Monthly Rate shall be arrived at upon the basis of negotiations and mutual agreement, but shall be limited so that the maximum percentage increase in the AGREEMENT budget for each option period, after adjustment for any changes in the level of vehicle revenue hours to be provided, shall be no more than the annual increase in the Consumer Price Index for the State of California for the most recently concluded calendar year.

  • During the Phase II Occupancy Period, and each of the three (3) Extension Terms (if exercised), the Payment Amount owed by Developer to City is the Monthly Rate multiplied by the number of Parking Permits to be issued for the month, plus any additional administrative or other fees generally applicable to City parking lots (e.g. lost card charges) as set forth in the City’s Schedule of Parking User Fees or otherwise established by Council, as the same may be amended from time to time.

  • The “Apartment” as referenced in the Contract shall be defined as follows: Community/Unit: {{Room_Space}} Style: {{Room_Type}} Monthly Rate: {{Room_Rate}} The cost of the Apartment is billed monthly, July – June beginning with the month containing the Effective Date and ending with the month containing the Expiration Date.

  • The items and services included in the daily or monthly rate, and their related charges, are listed below: Description of Items & Services Included in the Daily or Monthly Rate 1.

More Definitions of Monthly Rate

Monthly Rate means a charge for services based on a thirty (30) day period, the billing of which is established by dividing the applicable monthly rate or charge by thirty (30) to derive a daily rate and multiplying the daily rate by the actual number of days in the billing period;
Monthly Rate has the meaning set forth in Section 1.11(f).
Monthly Rate means the interest rate that may be determined for Adjustable Rate Bonds on a monthly basis pursuant to the applicable provisions of the Sixteenth Supplemental Indenture.
Monthly Rate means the monthly rate for calculating remuneration for the Services as set out in Contract Schedule 3 chargeable by the Contractor to the Government for the provision of the Services before deductions;
Monthly Rate means the monthly rates for calculating remuneration for
Monthly Rate is the monthly rate specified under the heading "Payment Information" on the cover page of the Membership Agreement (as revised from time to time by us pursuant to clause 2.1).